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Is CBD For My Pet?

Is CBD For My Pet?

cbd for pets hong kong


I recall my first encounter with CBD. It was at Found Sheung Wan on a normal workday. The lady I was destined to at the coffee shop told me that the recommended dose is 20mg per serving and I strictly followed the recommendation. Did I notice a drastic change?

To be very honest, I could not have been more conscious than ever (lol)! By coincidence, it was the time when the monthly and vicious period cramp woke me at midnight.

Within a 'fight-or-flight' spilt second, I was reminded that CBD works for pain. I searched the bottle I pocketed with a bill from the cafe and strikingly took 100mg of CBD and oh boy, not only did the pain ease but I slept like a sounding baby the very same night. 

Since then, CBD has been my aid as a painkiller, whenever my symptoms called for it.

CBD is also known to be a great supplement for our furry friends and there are a lot of pet products that contain CBD these days. Did you know that some pet owners use CBD to calm pets down during a typhoon or any other raging weather? When you come to think of it, it all makes sense. As much as a child will be needy on a storm's demand, pets get restless too.

But how much of CBD is a pet supposed to be given? 

Check out this quick chart that tells you how much CBD you should give your pet per its weight.

Pet Weight Range Recommended Paws by Found Oil  Total CBD Content CBD per ml
0-10kg Small Dog & Cat  150mg 5mg
10 – 20kg  Medium Dog 300mg 10mg
20kg +  Large Dog 600mg 20mg

This information is founded from Found's website and if you wish to read more about CBD for pets, all you need is here. Pets and humans share the same instruction, there is no perfect science for the exact amount of CBD we should be intaking and this table is simply a guideline to use as a starting point. It is best to observe your pet's behaviour and gradually increase (or decrease) the serving amount until you discover what works magic for them.

cbd for pets hong kong
You might also want to take into account the frequency of giving CBD to your pet. Some pet owners have found it more beneficial to give their pets smaller servings throughout the day rather than in one go. 

If you have any stories to share about your CBD experience, we would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below! 
CBD for pets hong kong

Find it hard to measure the CBD dosage for your pets? 

We have a simple solution for you here! 'The Paws Series' has already calculated the amount of CBD according to the size of your pet (Small/Medium/Large) and bottled it for you. Try this CBD and see how it works for your furry family. 

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