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Love for Sauces, Meet the Sauce Girls.

Love for Sauces, Meet the Sauce Girls.

If your plate of veggies starts dreading you, it is time to move on....with the sauces.

How many attempts will it take for one to be convinced that even the healthiest of food is to be enjoyed, not cause misery? It is a win-win when you are saved the trouble from having to struggle and juggle with nutritional values and your chemistry with food.

Before we dive into sauces, let us briefly discuss 'plating'. Imagine a lead in the Broadway show. without the production team and the supporting roles to highlight her parts. An audience may have no reason to stay and walk straight out the doors with disappointment. The same logic applies to the food, plate and presentation. You are trying to tell a story on a plate, bear that in mind and all there is left to do is: express.

I think it is safe to say that the dish itself is the 'lead' and the recipe itself is the 'script'.

Consider rewriting the 'script' and you will find yourself happily using the kitchen utensils that have been left untouched for a while because you had only learn to repeat. Moreover, there are only this many edible and accessible options in the botanic world, so perhaps 'sauces', the 'supporting role', the answer to the struggle.

Allow me to insert my obsession with sauces and French culinary fanatics might agree that sauces can uplift anything so boring. That is why my FoodCraft Store displays an array of sauces and chilli oils in our selection because 'busy' is no excuse to missing out on a good meal.

When it comes to picking sauces, I admit I am picky. I prefer the thoughtful ones with no added sugar and ingredients that I can recognise in a split second - no numbers and digits following a capital letter 'E', please, if you know what I mean.

And fortunately, good news do eventually came around.

Meet Hong Kong's Sauce Girls (Spice Girls?) Simran and Aline.
Simran and Aline are the two ladies that share the same passion for sauces. They love sauces so much it is no surprise that they had gone beyond to create their own sauces.

You might know Aline from her cooking classes at Foodcraft. She is well known for her fuss-free & plant-based recipes with a solid and growing fanbase on Instagram. Her Thai Basil Pesto is not-so-ordinary too (featured later in the blog).

Then who could have guessed Simran is such a foodie?

She was an acquaintance when she was working as an editor but this time she showed up with a different hat, to be exact, a chef hat. I was shared with her food journey and now that she is the author of a cookbook, hosting dinners and making these exciting sauces, I cannot guess anymore what else is in line.

If you meet Simran, you will know her brand name is the eponym of her energy.


Aline's Kimchi Shiitake Dumplings. Look forward to a cooking demo for this recipe👇🏻 !

One day in March 2022, while we were house-arrested by COVID regulations, Simran and Aline came up with this exciting idea to co-host a table experience & present a dinner together at our kitchen to unite the flavors.

Without the chance to recapitulate and rehearse, the assurance was lacking but the girls duo made miracle and now have a menu lined up for this much anticipated event on the evening of June 1st.

Simran will be serving up 3 dishes form her 116 recipe cookbook that covers cuisines from cities around Asia. Aline will be serving up her popular dumplings with different sauces.

Dutch Baby Pancake. Here come another cooking demo from Simran👇🏻 !

This evening will be a night of its own at FoodCraft. Learn, cook and connect around food. We would love to attract the people and share the space with those have both standards and care for our food and the planet. For more info, go to the bottom of this page. See you then!

"Simran Savlani is not your typically trained chef, nor is she a food writer.
Funnily enough, she is notorious for not following recipes, yet the kitchen is her canvas and the recipes are developed through years of following her passion. A Restaurant Management graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, Simran is adept at melding cuisines, flavors, and ingredients, and has launched restaurants across Asia and even Africa. When whipping up a dish, her aim is to make it three-dimensional, bringing together elements of sugar, spice and salt to give you the perfect bite. You can always find her smiling whilst digging into a bowl of noodles at your neighbourhood dai pai dong."

"A Spark of Madness is an Asian Vegetarian cookbook with 116 recipes covering regions from Thailand to Taiwan, Indonesia to India, Seoul to Singapore and beyond. Whilst some recipes are classics and stay true to their cultural origins, others have experienced ‘A Spark of Madness’. Together it is an amalgamation of comfort food favourites from Dan Dan Noodles and Katsu Curry to the outrageous Ema Datshi Beer Bread and Green Curry Gnocchi. All recipes are foolproof, flavorful and not just for the meat-free. An added bonus is thatthey include a wide range of vegan and gluten-free dishes."


Spark Sauces are an extension of the cookbook. All three sauces are Asian-inspired, vegan and handmade in Hong Kong.

Meet the flavours!

Crispy Chili Oil: 7 types of spices, 5 types of chilies and 3 varieties of crunchies. THIS is the definition of madness.

Caramelized Spring Onion: slow-cooked spring onions with notes of ginger & sesame. A spark can elevate any dish and it is gluten-free.

Crack Sauce: spicy, creamy, sweet, nutty, salty, tangy. This sauce is a palate awakener.

Aline, a marketer by profession, is a passionate home chef, started Sincerely Aline in 2019 as a passion project out of her love for all things food. She is  inspired by the food she enjoyed during her childhood and travels, and loves creating recipes that can easily recreated. Especially for people who are particularly time-sensitive, or for families who don't always have the time to cook.

Sincerely Aline is all about wholesome, fuss-free eats and provides services including recipe development/ consulting, content creation, and cooking classes. Aline also produces small batch plant based products such as healthy treats and her Thai Basil Pesto."

Nothing but health and deliciousness in the jar. With olive oil infused with an invigorating basil scent and flavour, it is the perfect match for pasta caldo or freddo, soups, noodles, dips and even sunny side-ups.

Produced by hands in small batches with real basil, real bits.

Come Dine & Cook with Sincerely Aline & A Spark of Madness - An immersive Cooking Experience by Simran and Aline

Special Event with the Sauce Divas!

Wednesday, July 13⋅7:30 – 9:30pm 

(First session in June sold-out)


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