We are officially back to school! In this September, we are hoping to connect with all of you with some healthy habits and health ideas with Functional Health Nurse Practitioner, Haruko! In our first episode, we are going to talk about your sleeping habits and how it will affect your body!    Get 20% off your first consultation with Haruko! Connect and book below:...
  • Joanne’s Story with FoodCraft and Her Tasty Cashew Stir Fry Recipe!

    Joanne’s Story with FoodCraft and Her Tasty Cashew Stir Fry Recipe!
    This week, we would like to share a personal story of our valued customer, Joanne Martin. Born in Canada, Joanna was transplanted to Hong Kong about 30 years ago. She lives in a village in the New Territories, and has been teaching yoga and pilates in the past 20 years.She found FoodCraft when it suddenly dawned on her that someone somewhere must teach the...
  • Let's Talk About Baking!

    Let's Talk About Baking!
    Come on. It’s the pandemic. We have all somehow turned into baking fanatics or masters in the past year. What flour do you use the most in your baking? Do you know that traditional white and all-purpose flour is not the healthiest choice? It is refined to remove the bran and germ from the wheat, which stores most of its natural fibre and nutrients....
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