• Gluten-Free Approved Octopus Ajillo (10 min pescatarian recipe)

    Gluten-Free Approved Octopus Ajillo (10 min pescatarian recipe)
    Ajillo is the ultimate instant meal. A delicious tapas that is quick, easy and tasty. Serve up with a slice of Gluten-Free Bread and your lunch is set! This can also be a quick snack in the afternoon or an appetiser for any meal. As with every simple dishes, it is crucial to use ingredients of great quality! I like to alternate this recipe with shrimp and octopus. Both work really well with...
  • Gluten-Free Bottarga Soba with Samphire (Karasumi Soba)

    Gluten-Free Bottarga Soba with Samphire (Karasumi Soba)
    This is a very simple yet nutritious dish that I love to have when I feel like having carbs. Soba and Bottarga is a common combination in Japanese recipes and they do go very well together.I love this dish for a few reasons: 1. Simple and quick! (10min max?) 2. It's Gluten-Free3. Packed with minerals (Samphire!!)4. The good fats from Bottarga (It's fish roe!)Gluten-free plays a crucial role...
  • Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar

    Guilt-free Vegan Snickers Bar
    2021 will be a year to grow from all the learnings from 2020 :) Here at FoodCraft, we are always excited to share more and more healthy yet yummy recipes and food with our community. Here is our first fun recipe to kickoff 2021! If you love a good old caramelised chocolate bar, we think you will also like this healthy alternative with sprouted nuts (for better digestion!) and...
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