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and.... MOVEMBER!

Posted by Christine Ritter on

Not many of you may know this but Food Craft is made of a group of women who have come together to bring health and wellness to what matters to them the most: their loved ones.  Having joined the community not so long ago, I am amazed by the strength and determination that these women have, relentlessly building recipes that will not only taste incredible, but also focus on detailed ingredients that will truly benefit the health of your loved ones.  So this blog post is dedicated to the men that we love and care for, as we introduce our November Movember interest.

For women, Movember can be one of our favorite months of the year: what better excuse to get our men to grow facial hair for a cause?  But, the joviality does not take away from the cause.  The care and attention needed to grow a nice beard / mustache (both?) is real and so should be the attention put toward raising awareness to the needs of men when it comes to their physical and mental health.  As a woman, I am attuned to understanding the need for a strong bond with other women to share, and this need is becoming increasingly evident to men, too - and the small community we are building CAN help.

For more information on what can be done (how to help or simply how to take care of a Mo), visit the very well designed Hong Kong Movember website:

Looking forward to seeing you grow to help your Bro ;)


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