Ayurveda Consultation in Hong Kong by Dr Vignesh

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By: Mariko Hiyama 


As a Facial Reflexologist, I have been placing my hands on more than a thousand faces and observing transformations of those who received therapy sessions from me over the past 6 years. While most of clients came to see me for a total relaxation and rejuvenation purposes, I also welcomed clients who had complicated health and mental conditions including traumas, injuries, digestive issues, depressions, memory loss, insomnia, menopause, recovery from illness and the list goes on…


Naturally, my interest in “Science of Life” grew bigger as I encountered clients who wished to improve their Body-Mind Wellbeing and I started exploring various methods which could compliment my works. I learned and still use namely Qi Gong, Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology from various countries, Energy Medicine, Healing Herbs and so on…


However, I could not stop thinking of exploring one of the oldest traditional medicine systems, Ayurveda. I was somehow intrigued to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system, since when I was a teenager and so I took countless opportunities to experience Ayurvedic treatments wherever I saw the name in wellness programs.

The first experience of a real Ayurveda treatment took place back in 2009 in Kumarakom in Kerala, India. I immediately felt a huge improvement in my body, especially on my facial skin. It did not even take me 2 days to have the change. It happened thanks to dietary changes and Ayurvedic massage treatments with medicated herbal oils. Ever since, I was totally convinced how powerful this Indian traditional medicine system was.


9 years later, I had a privilege to provide my work, Facial Reflex Therapy, for a guest visiting from India. It was during my international visiting practitioner weeks at a healing resort in Thailand.



This single session for the guest from India eventually made my dream came true, the dream of working with Ayurveda Medicine specialists.


I am currently collaborating with one of renown Ayurveda Medicine Clinics in Kerala, India in order to find new ways to enhance our natural healing mechanisms. I also personally experienced the power of Ayurveda - namely Panchakarma - to reverse dis-ease conditions by cleaning our body from inside and outside. After going on my own healing journey with the team in India, I decided to invite one of young and dynamic Ayurveda Medicine doctors, Dr Vignesh Devraj, for individual consultations so the people of Hong Kong can hear the wisdom of Ayurveda firsthand. 

This individual consultation is a part of foundations of my next project “Transformational Healing Journey” for those who wish to experience Ayurveda in Kerala, India with me starting from October 2019.


- A Holistic Way of Improving the Quality of Life -


Dr Vignesh is coming back to HK and will be taking up a few individual consultations on 12. Sep (Thursday) late afternoon.


He is an expert not only Ayurveda medicine but also he provide inspirational consultations for individuals.


Holistic consultations through pulse reading, tongue reading, Q&A sessions to create optimal approaches to make the first step of transformation.


If needed, he prescribes customised meditation.

  • Health
  • Life-Style
  • Life Coaching


Dr Vignesh is a chief physician & founder of



Currently only 1 appointment slot is available
Thursday, 12 September 2019
5pm - 5:45pm

Fee: HKD 1’200



Sheung Wan
Facial Reflex Therapy Room



Appointment request:
Mariko Hiyama
WhatsApp: +852 6391 3566
Email: mariko@maitriasia.com



A little background on Dr. Vignesh Devraj... 

Dr Vignesh Devraj
MD Ayurveda
Founder & Chief Physician of Sitaram Beach Retreat, Kerala 


Dr Vignesh Devraj is a fourth generation Ayurvedic healer. 


He is the founder of - and the chief physician at - Sitaram Beach Retreat, a space for authentic healing and transformation. 


He is an international speaker on natural healing, Ayurveda, meditation and transformation. He has spoken about Panchakarma and its healing powers at a number of venues, including the New Living Expo (San Fransisco Bay area’s largest gathering of spirituality seekers), Singularity University, Cracking the Wellness Code Summit 2018 at Silicon Valley, Yoga World at Stuttgart and the Cologne Business School. 


Dr Devraj is a committed practitioner and researcher on Panchakarma, an ancient body purification method, which activates the body’s innate healing energies, providing the foundation to true health. 


Dr. Devraj’s expertise lies in explaining ancient healing concepts and making them more accessible to the modern world. He is an avid traveler who studies and explores lesser known healing methods from around the world. 


He holds a graduate degree from Kerala University Thiruvananthapuram and a postgraduate degree from Rajiv Gandhi Health University, Bangalore. 


Dr Devraj believes true health is the foundation of true happiness. He considers that sustained optimal health is humanity's birthright and envisions a future where mankind is organically immune to all preventable diseases and in harmony with nature’s energies. 

About the Author: Mariko Hiyama


Mariko is originally from Fukuoka, located in the Southern Island of Japan, Kyushu. Mariko’s interest in natural healing methods and reflexology was set when she was a little girl by receiving therapeutic massages from her grandmother and by meeting Qi (Ki) Masters. Ever since, she has been witnessing the healing power of Traditional Chinese Medicines, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurveda, Reflexology and other natural healing methods through her own experiences.


Mariko always wished to work with her hands for people as she became more aware of the meaning behind of a Japanese word of “Treating/Healing People”. She is grateful to have found her life-work as a Facial Reflexologist. For the past 5 years, she has been working as a visiting practitioner/instructor with awards-received wellness facilities in Europe, Asia and U.S. and also served many guests from all over the world. Mariko is currently running a private therapy space in the heart of Hong Kong while working with the most respected alternative medicine centres in Hong Kong as a Facial Reflexologist.


Mariko holds certificates of Sorensensistem Facial Reflex Therapy for Dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson Patients, Diabetes Patients and Weight Management as well as Thermie Reflex Therapy. Mariko is a certified instructor for Facial Reflex Therapy and Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting (Sorensensistem)


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