All About Exotic Fruits and Our New Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Service!

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If you were asked to name out all the fruits you know, how many can you come up with?
Apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon, peaches, cherries, strawberries, raspberries...
We struggle to name even 30 different fruits!
But... what if we told you that just in Thailand alone, there are already 22 types of bananas...would you believe it?
In fact, there are about 300 types of bananas in the world! 

When you think of a banana, most of us will picture the Cavendish bananas as they are the most commonly sold all around the world.  If you ever visit Thailand, go to the local markets (actually even the supermarkets will have this too!), you'll see at least 5 types of different bananas that are commonly eaten by locals. 
Lady Finger Bananas picture
Lady finger bananas (Kluai Leb Mu Nang)
(Photo Credit: Speciality Produce)
Kluay Nam Wah
(Photo Credit: Dinnagan Garden Organic Farm)
Egg Banana (Kluay Khai)
(Photo Credit: Dinnagan Garden Organic Farm)
Large Banana (Kluay Hom) 
(Photo Credit: Dinnagan Garden Organic Farm)
But why are we limited to only one type of banana when there are hundreds of them out there?
This can be for multiple reasons.  Over the years, we have been selecting and breeding fruits for our convenience. When we say convenience, its more for the seller and not the consumer.  Of course the fruit or whatever agricultural product that is grown has to be tasty so that the consumers will continue to buy it. But also it has to be easy to grow, easy to manage, easy to ship. It needs to adapt to the climate and be able to fight diseases and insects.  Most of all, it has to be able to scale the crop so that it will be profitable, which means it has to be grown in big scale farms with high yields. 
These are some things that are very important for the agriculture business and only those that can clear the tough requirements can manage to get onto supermarket shelves.  Though we cannot ignore the fact that this also helps to feed a lot of people around the world too. 

How little we know about fruits!


Going back to our topic, we also don't have to restrict ourselves to limited types of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds just because they are the only ones you see on the market. Start to look around in your local farms and rediscover the native fruits and vegetables that we almost forgotten about.  They might have large seeds and the edible part might be smaller than the commercial breed that you are used to, but you might discover some very exotic fruits!  Most likely these produce will be grown organically (without a USDA certificate) because it's not a commercial crop. 

Just like Thailand, Taiwan is also a land of unique fruits and vegetables!


Have you ever heard about Abiu (Golden Fruit)?  

Abiu is native to the Amazon region in South America, commonly found and eaten in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela and also grown in Taiwan.  It has bright yellow skin and a creamy white flesh. It is a very delicate fruit with a unique flavor like a blend of mango and persimmon.  Be careful of the beautiful skin!  It contains a gummy latex sap that could make your lips stick together!  The best way to eat this fruit is to cut it in half and scoop the inside out with a spoon.
This is just one of the exotic fruits but there are many to come which you will be able to order here at Foodcraft.
It is not only limited to fruits, but we also want to share some unique local vegetables too!  



But we'll let you know more details about our new organic fruit and vegetable delivery in the weeks to come.... stay tuned!


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