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Macrobiotic Nutrition: Balance Through Food

Posted by Christine Ritter on

The Force That Moves Us Forward


In a classical sense the term “energy” is regarded to as “the force that causes change”. In a health and wellness movement the term “energy” has evolved to describe one’s level of strength, vitality, and emotional wellbeing. In this article we will explore energy as the essential force needed for human life; a fuel that moves us forward, or can hold us back.


Balancing Act


Now more than ever there seems to be an array of endless energetic influences effecting our bodies and minds on daily basis. Everything we breathe, drink, eat, listen, read, watch, say, think, and do seems to have some profound effect on our seemingly fragile existence. And yet, somehow we are managing to stand perfectly still on this rock called Earth, hurling through space and around the Sun at some 67,000 miles per hour. Considering everything that’s working against us daily, we should be amazed how hard it is for something to actually throw us off balance. That’s because being in balance is our natural state, and we will always strive for equilibrium. Certainly, if abused or neglected over long periods of time, bodies and minds will break, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be repaired, to a larger degree, at least. Indeed, we are stronger than we think, and learning how to manage our own energy is essential for a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. We might not have control over many things in the Universe, but one thing we do have control over is what we put in our bodies. 





Food As Energy


Food is our fuel and the better the quality of fuel the better our engines will run. It’s no secret that food affects our energy levels, but how? I remember back in California, I would to go to my local coffee shop and often see a father come in with his young son. He was a well-mannered boy, around 4 years old, and would stand patiently, holding his father’s hand, waiting in line for their turn to order. After getting their food, they would sit outside, and apparently for a good reason. In about, 10 minutes, this well-mannered boy would transform into a little beast; jumping up and down, running around the courtyard, climbing anything that could be climbed, and most interestingly, grimacing uncontrollably to the point of having face spasms. Now, to a regular person, this is just what kids do, but if you saw the transformation, there was nothing natural about it. After observing this rather strange behavior in a young boy a few times, I noticed something. Every few minutes, he would run back to his father, was fed a bite of something they bought at the coffee shop, and off he would go to continue climbing the walls. This ordeal would go on for about half hour until the boy would run out of energy and exhausted fall asleep on his dad’s lap. All of this would happen well before noon, mind you, and it happened every time I saw them. I looked for the clues and I found a big one: the little bites the boy was being fed by his dad were pieces of a jelly donut. That one little donut, sweet and delicious, but loaded with sugars and preservatives, had the power of transforming an entire little human body in a matter of minutes, and taking it out in a flash. Now think of that little boy going through the same ordeal over and over and over again, day in and day out, for decades. Sure the sugar rush might not be as strong, he might even need two donuts to get there, but if he stopped eating sugar for a month, believe me, he would feel the rush again. I know that this story is not particularly uplifting and people might even judge my observation, but the fact is - food as energy is extremely powerful. It can alter our physical condition and even behavior. The reason for the story is that in order to understand balance, one also should understand imbalance.





Creating Balance With Food 


Now that we covered a few things that can throw us off balance, how about what can bring us back to balance? First, we should ask ourselves one important question: “Do we live to eat, or eat to live?”. There is profound difference between the two. When you eat to live, you choose your food as nourishment for your life’s purpose. You eat the food to provide energy in your body, to support your mind, to achieve your goals. The most important thing is - you are in control of your life and your own wellbeing. When you live to eat, on the other hand, you become dependent on flavors to satisfy cravings and taste buds. The foods that accomplish this are strong, typically spicy, salty, sweet, and most of the time aren’t good for you. Just keep in mind that what you feed grows. The choice is all yours.





At the end, there is always that one thing we all come back to – the need for balance. Some call it being healthy, others being at peace. Mother Nature provides us with nutritious ingredients for that exact purpose. They are the whole foods that carry life-sustaining energy. Foods like grains, beans, fresh vegetables and sea vegetables. Foods that aren’t processed, meddled with, but come as they are in their purest, most organic form. Understanding which foods to eat and how to prepare them to create the energy you will need to achieve your life goals and dreams, is at the very core of the macrobiotic philosophy and practice. Isn’t it all very exciting? The adventure has just begun!  



Next time, join me as we continue to explore the food as energy and discover which foods, combinations, and methods of preparation, will improve your stamina, focus, and can even correct specific health conditions.





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About Srdjan “Serg” Dobic



Srdjan “Serg” Dobic is a macrobiotic nutrition and lifestyle counselor. Implementing the principals of macrobiotic philosophy, diet and lifestyle, Serg specializes in working with clients to enhance vitality and improve specific health conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestion and respiratory issues.



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