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Hello 2020!

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As the good ol’ 2019 comes to an end, a new, promising contender enters the stage. As with every new year, we anticipate 2020 to be the best one yet. We welcome it with a set of new aspirations, high hopes and dreams to be realized. Being the last year of the decade, it should also be a year of perfect vision (20/20).



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Now that it is here, how do we harness 2020’s new energy, keep it fresh, and make it run strong for the next 12 months? New Years often starts with bettering one’s health; improving diet or starting a new exercise regime. We know intuitively that in order to achieve greater goals we need to take care of our physical bodies. Beyond the physical, there are new commitments to being a better person; being positive, patient, kind and mindful, which often ties into strengthening existing and building new relationships. Carrier goals are also on the top of the list on many New Year’s resolutions. The idea that financial freedom leads to most other freedoms is still alive and well. Some focus on bettering their intellect by learning a new skill or will go back to school to get that much desired degree. Others will embark on a spiritual journey and venture into the remote and exotic parts of the world in hopes of finding a deeper meaning of life and their purpose. All in all, no matter who you are and where you are in life, the New Year brings hope of a better tomorrow, starting today.



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From a macrobiotic point of view, to live your life, right here, right now, with everything you got is of utmost importance. Being present in the now and living your life today is a privilege and a blessing. It comes with an opportunity to learn something new about the world; from Nature, from each other and discover many new things about ourselves. Acknowledge and respect the fact that energy changes from day to day. Some days are just going to be more spiritual than others. Some days, you simply skip yoga and go help a friend move. Some days you drive, others you walk. And some days, you just rest. It’s ok to go with the flow.


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I’ve been practicing macrobiotic philosophy for over 30 years. It’s been a spiritual journey lived out on stormy seas and on a solid ground. It’s been about holding on and letting go, giving and taking, sometimes with the head in the clouds, sometimes rooted too deep in reality. We all have stories, we all matter, and we all come and go. You just put your best foot forward and hang on. The gift of life, the blessing to be here, now, will keep on giving.


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Before we close, and before you go out there accomplishing grand things in 2020, here are a few things I wish to share with you to make it a great New Year:


  • Everything changes. If there is one thing in life that is constant it is change. For some it may happen slowly, for others it might happen in a single moment. It’s all about what you put in and how comfortable you are with change. When it finally happens, you’ll own it.


  • Practice moving forward without holding yourself back. Practice baby steps or leaps of faith. Just remember, with baby steps you’ll have to deal with doubt, while with leaps of faith, the bigger the leap, the bigger the challenge. Your choice, but please do move forward!


  • Learn to let go when letting go is an only option. It’s ok to trip. It’s okay to fall. I know you’ll get up again. You did it before. Trust the process of life even if you don’t understand it.


Few of my favorites:


  • Please be gentle and patient with yourself. At the end of the day, the only person keeping score is you and nobody likes a harsh judge.


  • Thoughts are things, but no one likes messy clutter. Great things emerge from silence and an empty mind.


  • Above all value love, kindness, and hang on to set of higher principals. You honor others by honoring yourself, and vice versa.



And lastly:


  • What has a beginning has an end. See ya 2019! Hello 2020, here we come!



With warmest regards in the New Year,

Srdjan “Serg” Dobic



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Srdjan “Serg” Dobic is a macrobiotic nutrition and lifestyle counselor. Implementing the principals of macrobiotic philosophy, diet and lifestyle, Serg specializes in working with clients to enhance vitality and improve specific health conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestion and respiratory issues.


For a 15 minute complimentary consultation and to schedule a full consultation with Serg, please send email to or Call / WhatsApp: +852 6112 4183

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