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Macrobiotic Practice & Quality of Blood

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The Origins of Macrobiotics

“Macrobiotics is neither an empirical folk medicine nor a mystical, palliative, religious, scientific, spiritual, symptomatic technique. It is the biological and physiological application of Oriental philosophy and medicine, a dialectical conception of the infinite universe. This approach is five thousand years old and shows the way to happiness via health. It is very simple in practice. Anyone can adopt it in his / her daily life, anywhere, anytime, if he / she genuinely wants to be free of all physiological or mental difficulties.


It is because of the Macrobiotic teachings of Lao-tse, Sun Tzu-Wu, Confucius, Buddha, Nagarjuna, the Shintoists, and long before them, the sages who produced the greatest medical science of India, that millions of people in the Far East enjoyed happiness and freedom, culture and comparative peace for thousands of years. They, along with the ancient Greeks, knew that a sound, clear mind cannot exist in a tense, disturbed body.”
~ George Ohsawa, “Zen Macrobiotics”


Macrobiotics Hong Kong 


Quality of Blood

The macrobiotic view is that the good quality of blood is the prime source of our health and well-being. Blood quality is created by the quality and choices of food we eat. If you want to change your health, learn how to change the quality of your blood. Understanding which foods lead to acidic and which to alkaline blood is essential.

Blood is weakened by sugar, too much fruit, fruit juice, honey, soy-milk, rice milk, rice syrup, barley malt, maple syrup, “raw” sugar, Sucant, Stevia, Blue-Green Algae, spices, oil and fat, potassium-rich foods (e.g., fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers), preservatives, additives and chemicals from artificial foods.

Long-standing withdrawal and suppression of natural emotional expression also leads to an acidic quality of blood which weakens the immune system and consequently leaves the body vulnerable to infections and diseases. 

According to the macrobiotic health theory, foods which are high in concentrated sugar (natural or artificial) will quickly lead to poor quality of blood. This includes over consumption of fruits and juices, organic or commercial.

Foods which are extremely rich in potassium but low in sodium can also create an acidic blood condition. These include tropical fruits, and vegetables such as potato, tomatoes, eggplant, avocado, and beets. These foods are suggested for occasional consumption. 

Sweet beverages will weaken the blood faster than any other food. Soft drinks, fruit drinks, natural drinks such as honey-sweetened or fruit-sweetened carbonated beverages can quickly weaken the system. Soymilk and rice milk make acidic blood when used regularly, especially in individuals who already lack energy, feel cold, are anemic, or are fatigued.


Macrobiotics Hong Kong


Do any, of these five areas apply to you?

Macrobiotics Hong Kong

Macrobiotics Hong Kong

Let us know in the comments below. We love feedback! 

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Macrobiotics Hong Kong


Srdjan “Serg” Dobic is a macrobiotic nutrition and lifestyle counselor. Implementing the principals of macrobiotic philosophy, diet and lifestyle, Serg specializes in working with clients to enhance vitality and improve specific health conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, digestion and respiratory issues.


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