Oat Milk - What's the Craze and Is it Better than Almond Milk?

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Is it me or is there suddenly an influx of Oat Milks everywhere in Hong Kong?

I’ve even noticed oat milk boxes selling in 7-11!

oatly hong kong

For years now, soy milk has been available at various cafes and grocery stores as dairy-free alternatives to cow’s milk.  Other popular options were: coconut milk, rice milk, and nut mylks (almond, cashew, macadamia, and hazelnut).

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But in the recent year, I started noticing the brand Oatly gaining widespread popularity and marketed as a better alternative for people with nut allergies.

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We’ve tried many different brands of dairy free milks and recently purchased a carton of Oatly for ourselves to try!  To our delight, this milk was super tasty and creamy. It then made me question whether oat milks were actually better than nut milks, and will this new phenomenon take over the dairy free milk category?

Let’s choose almond milk for a comparison!


Oat Milk vs. Almond Milk



  • A great alternative for individuals with a nut intolerance
  • Contains more fiber and protein
  • Good source of B vitamins thiamin and folate, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and copper
  • Oats are full of betaglucans, which are good for heart health
  • Often thicker and creamier in consistency

Possible Risks

  • People with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease should not drink oat milk (unless oats are stated as gluten free ex. Oatly)
  • Higher in carbs - not suitable for low carb diets (ex. Keto)
    • If you find unsweetened almond milk, there’s even less carbs!
  • Often contains more calories than other vegan milks (depending on brand)
  • Oats contain pesticides, some known to be carcinogenic and cancer-causing), and disruptive to hormones (Note: Oatly is made from 100% organic Swedish oats grown in clean soil)
  • Often also contains thickeners and emulsifiers that may impact digestive health and could alter the gut microbiome

Almond Breeze vs. Oatly Showdown

oat milk hong kong

Credit: Eat This 

So after doing a general analysis of what oat milk is, I don’t see any major issues with drinking either types of milk.


In my opinion, there are two strong reasons to NOT drinking oat milk:

  1. You are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease
  2. You are on a strict low carb diet

Otherwise, I think consuming either vegan alternatives is perfectly okay!  Oatly is definitely one of the cleanest brands out there, as their oats are organic, gluten free, and contains only 3 ingredients!  If you have a nut allergy, then oat milk is definitely a perfect alternative for you!


However, if you don’t have any sensitivities to oats or nuts, then why not incorporate both mylks into your diet?  Remember, it is always a good idea to cycle your foods, given your tolerant to them, so you can get a broader spectrum of nutrients and vitamins!  Satisfy your palate with different flavours and textures so you don’t ever get bored of one thing!


Hmm...Maybe we’ll make our own oat milks one day but for now, we have some delicious homemade Raw Sprouted Almond Mylk available at Foodcraft (lightly sweetened and unsweetened!).

We also have a variety of other nut milks by Rude Health here!

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