Preparing for Your Big Day: Staying Organized

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As we hit the final days (or weeks?) of summer, Hong Kong prepares itself for the busiest weddings months of the year... And for those of you getting married, the countdown should be feeling real.


While organizing your wedding may have been a fun experience up until now, the pressure will start to build – but know that you are completely in control and in charge of how you will enjoy your big day. We reached out to Christine Ritter from Workshop Weddings to get some tips on how our brides and grooms-to-be can make sure their wedding day is perfect and stress-free.



Without a doubt, organization is essential to make sure your day runs smoothly. At Workshop Weddings, our schedule is our main tool of organization so make sure your schedule is written out down to the last detail, fail-proof and has all the details one could need on the day (i.e. vendor names and telephone numbers). A solid schedule will also help you realize what work still needs doing, so get that to-do list ready and start ticking things off!




Eating healthy goes without say. Hopefully something that we all do before getting engaged, a wedding date is a great excuse to explore new superfoods that benefit our physical health, but also our mental health. The further you get along planning your wedding, the more you will start to notice that stress is real: the cortisol hormone for example really does exist, and diet can really help manage the levels of stress through better sleep and an evenly distributed amount of energy throughout your day.

We would also go as far as planning health into your wedding day, if you can. Organizing a morning yoga class for the bridal team to do together, for example, or a quick run before getting ready is not only fun, but will pump those endorphins right through your body – a great bonus to have on the greatest day of your life. A healthy lunch before the ceremony will also make sure you feel good walking down that aisle.




Without a doubt, weddings are stressful. The way we help our couples is by removing some of that stress – and it comes in real handy those last few weeks before the wedding itself and, of course, on the actual day of your wedding.

Even if you have planned everything up until now and are suddenly realizing you may not be able to manage on your own, reach out! Most wedding planners are more than happy to work with last minute clients (our shortest time frame was, for example, three weeks to plan an entire wedding!). If it’s a budget issue, also make sure you let your planner know how much you would like to spend and how they can tailor their planning package for you.

If they cannot handle the work themselves for your ideal fee, they may have someone to recommend.

We hope this post helps some of our lovebirds continue to enjoy the process of their planning... for more details, you can also reach out to Christine herself at and see their wonderful work on



About Christine: 

Christine is a Hong Kong-based designer and haute couture embroiderer, with over six years of experience in planning, styling and decorating weddings. With a background in fashion design, she weaves details into interiors and aims to create one of a kind experiences for her clients. Brought up in Hong Kong, she is also passionate about all things eight five two: the outdoors, different cultures and, of course, learning how to take some time out in this intense city we all call our home.

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