Spring Cleaning

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Living in an multicultural city like Hong Kong, I've noticed that in almost every culture there is a concept of cleaning up the space before the new year arrives. 
Growing up in Japan, the end of year cleaning was a big thing. Not only for homes but we did it in school before we went off for our winter breaks and it is also done in offices. I thought this was a Japanese concept but this also applies in other cultures too. If this has been done for centuries around the world, there must be a good reason. 

Here in Hong Kong, it is very Feng Shui oriented and cleaning your home for the Chinese New Year is the fact that it will bring great fortune into your life. Your home will attract a lot of positive energy and benefit you throughout the year. I find this very fascinating. 

I've learnt that cleaning different parts of the home has as different meanings and effects. 

For example, a bedroom is a peaceful and balanced environment that promotes a better night’s rest. Cleaning the right way so you can enjoy good health and ensure plenty of rest, resulting in overall longevity and happiness.

Spring cleaning

Kitchen is where Feng Shui energy interacts with Fire, its utmost importance for your health and well-being. Begin with cleaning up your kitchen, as it is the most important part of the house to keep clean.

Spring Cleaning

It is recommended to keep your bathroom not only clean but sparkling clean. In Japan we say "as clean as you can lick it" (which I will NOT recommend the actual licking...!! ) But the idea is to keep it that clean. Because the energy in the bathroom is a bit challenging. The fewer items you have in your bathroom, the easier it is to keep it orderly and clean; a Zen lifestyle is earth-friendly and very easy to feng shui. Apparently, clean bathrooms attract more money to flow in.

Spring Cleaning

In Chinese, “Dust” is a homophone for the word “Chen", meaning the old. Therefore cleaning the floor and every corner drive the old things or the bad luck away and get ready for a new start.

Spring cleaning

Windows represent how we see our world. They also can reflect health issues. Keep your windows clean and in good repair to keep your health and well-being safeguarded.

Spring Cleaning

These are some general cleaning areas that you can start with. Once you get into the cleaning, it actually get addictive and you might find it hard to stop! Enjoy the process and happy cleaning everyone! 

Spring Cleaning Hong Kong

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