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3 Minute, 2 Ingredient Millet Amazake "Custard Parfait"

Posted by Shima Shimizu on

3 Minute, 2 Ingredient Millet Amazake "Custard Parfait"

Coming off the whole Cancer Causing Children's Snacks debacle in Hong Kong, we understand the difficulties to find healthy and delicious snacks your kids can enjoy!  That’s why I created this worry-free recipe for one of my daughter's school snacks. Its nut-free, vegan, dairy free, and organic, nutritious and.. super tasty!


Think of those artificial puddings but instead, a delicious wholesome treat that’s full of vital nutrients for your kids to grow healthy and strong!


The base of this recipe is organic millet amazake, which is essentially millet, fermented rice, and a pinch of salt!! It’s creamy and thick with a hint of sweetness, and used a lot in traditional Japanese desserts.  

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