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Upgrade Your Coffee

Posted by Shima Shimizu on

Chia Cofee


Simple things in life can make a big difference. 


After writing about the Bulletproof Green Tea recipe, I thought of sharing this drink I like to make in the afternoon on weekdays when I'm tied to my desk.


These two ingredients that I add to my coffee seems to save me from snacking in the afternoon times. No snacking means focused and time saving.


 Chia Cofee

Does coffee suppress apatite?


Yes, it does and many people drink this to lose weight. It also helps you to gain more energy and improve your athletic performance. Is that healthy or not? My opinion is that it all should be done in moderation. Too much of anything will not be good for you. Even water! A cup of (good quality!) coffee a day with organic chia seeds and coconut cream powder? I will say yes to that!


You can keep the ingredients at your office desk and upgrade your coffee instantly.

Chia Cofee



1 Tbsp., coconut cream powder

1 tsp., chia seeds

1 cup, black coffee



  1. Mix all together and serve. allow some time for the chia seeds to soak up.


It's that simple! 


Have a great afternoon! 

Chia Cofee

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