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What is Coconut Water Kefir and Why It's Good For You!

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Before it was milk kefir, then there was water-kefir for a dairy-free version and now, coconut-water kefir!  We just read about this recently and we wanted to share this new type of kefir that is supposed to have its own list of health benefits outside of the traditional water kefir beverage.

How about a nice graphic summarizing what its benefits, the different types, and how it’s different from yogurt?  




Thank you Dr. Axe - you saved me a lot of time haha…


Anyways, coconut and coconut derived products were a craze for quite awhile and everyone seemed to be on the coconut oil train.  But beyond what was touted as healthier forms of coconut, there was the coconut kefir that was gaining more and more popularity due to its incredible health benefits.  


Firstly, do you know why fermented foods/drinks are important?


There are actually more bacteria cultures in our body than human cells.   We are actually composed mainly of bacteria (both good and bad!). To make sure that the good kind outweighs, we need to make sure our gut is healthy by eating probiotics (ex and prebiotics. If you aren’t sure what prebiotics are, we wrote all about it in our Gut Health article here.  Bad bacteria include things like yeasts, viruses, and fungi.

types of bacteria flora

**Top row are strains of different probiotics.  The bottom row are from infections and viruses.**


When the bad bacteria outweighs the good, you are more likely to get sick, develop yeast infections, have gut health issues, and even skin issues like acne and eczema.

In order for us to get the good bacteria in our system, people eat fermented foods like yogurt, pickled vegetables, sauerkraut, and drink kombucha and kefir because they are full of health enzymes. You can also take probiotics and prebiotics in pill form now for extra supplementation.      


However, what has been getting more and more well known lately is Coconut Water Kefir.  


What is Coconut Water Kefir?


Coconut water kefir is made from coconut water and it contains natural sugars that feed the kefir grains as much as lactose does in milk kefirs.


Health Benefits:

  • Promotes health immune system
  • Cleanses/detoxes body from coconuts’ antiviral properties
  • Boost liver and brain health
  • Contains more beneficial strains and organisms than dairy-based kefir or yogurt
  • Colonized good bacteria in the gut unlike yogurt
  • Lower in calories and has no fat/added sugar
  • Boost energy
  • Stop growth of stomach cancer cells
  • Stops cravings for sugar
  • Contains high amounts of vitamins (A, B6, C, E, K), minerals, folates, riboflavin, thiamin, and electrolytes
  • Eases PMS symptoms
  • It’s vegan and dairy free!


How to Use Coconut Water Kefir


  • First thing in the morning when your stomach is empty
  • Blend into smoothies
  • Add into our breakfast bowls
  • After your workout


If you are interested in brewing your own coconut water kefir, we just got their grains in recently.  There’s also instructions on how you can make it in your very own home!

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