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Why the Founder of Perfect Keto Created His Products

Posted by Carmen Chu on

Have you ever wondered why certain Perfect Keto products were made?

Fortunately, Dr. Anthony Gustin, the Founder and CEO of Perfect Keto explained he made each product and what inspired him to do so!




Exogeneous Ketones Base

  • To help the transition to ketosis be easier
  • Even a small dose of Perfect Keto Base will boost your physical and mental energy to deal with keto flu symptoms
  • Many exogenous ketone products taste awful or have lousy ingredients - but theirs tastes superb without any garbage ingredients
  • Most important ingredient, BHB is present in this formula, unlike other keto products (11.38g of BHB)



Keto Collagen

  • Nobody gets collagen in their diet anymore
  • Support your skin, the health of your muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, bones, eyes, gut, heart and brain



MCT Oil Powder

  • To rovide a clean and portable option to make your drinks creamy on keto
  • The MCT’s are a fast-acting energy source that’ll make your brain and body feel like a million bucks 



Keto Sports Drink

  • Perform exists so you can feel charged up to rock it while working out on keto - without the jitters and crappy ingredients you’ll find in most pre-workouts. BHB and MCTs for quick fuel, creatine and beta-alanine for cellular support, and 50mg of caffeine (about a cup of tea) for optimal alertness. Plus the lemon flavor is incredible.



Keto Nootropic

  • To have supportive nutrients for brain health, energy, and performance
  • Contains exogenous ketones, MCTs and select herbs, amino acids, and lipids that support mental alertness, clarity and concentration so you can operate at full capacity.




Keto Whey Protein

  • It’s a low carb, great tasting protein that isn’t spiked with chemicals or fillers
  • Contains grass-fed whey protein isolate with ketone-boosting MCTs, making it one of the few protein supplements available that also contains healthy fats


Keto Bars

  • Low carb snack solution with nutrient dense ingredients that will fuel your body without causing unnecessary spikes to your blood sugar. 




Instant Keto Coffee

  • Portable, convenient, mess free alternative to fat coffee
  • It combines coffee and MCTs to create an instant keto-friendly kickstart to get you fueled up whenever you’d normally drink coffee



Exogenous Ketone Capsules

  • It’s a convenient way to help curb cravings and hunger, support your workouts, and boost energy––even on your busiest days
  • The easiest way to get ketones in your body! 




Keto Krill

  • Created to help you balance omega-3s that come in phospholipid form, meaning your body can actually use them
  • This is the only one on the market with added MCTs and has no fishy aftertaste!
  • An easy, keto-friendly way to add omega-3 fats to your diet




Blood Sugar Support

  • Helps lower blood sugar spikes and put your body in a state of insulin suppression, not activation
  • Can prevent that delicious carb filled cheat meal from spiking your blood sugar levels through the roof, and have been shown shown to support normal digestion, healthy carbohydrate metabolism, and hormone function




MCT Oil Softgels

  • Convenient way to increase your dosage of healthy fatty acids to be easily converted into ketones to fuel your brain and change your metabolism





  • Exists to support a low carb and ketogenic lifestyle with the benefits of electrolyte-replenishing sports drinks minus the added sugar, food dyes, or flavorings




Ketone Testing Strips

  • A quick way to know if you are in ketosis
  • Helps you discover what takes to get into ketosis, especially when you’re first starting on a keto diet!

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