Knife Skill 101 Class

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Room A, 21F Yiuga Factory Building, No.62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island


Proper knife skills are essential for creating delicious meals! 
Have you been waiting to use that special knife for that special occasion because you are afraid you will ruin it? Have you been cutting with a dull knife because you are scared to use a sharp knife or don't want to bother sharpening it?

If so, come and learn how to use and maintain a good knife with us!
It is very important to use a sharp knife (for your safety!) and if you are not the one cooking everyday, train that person who will be doing your chopping and dicing with a proper knife for everyone's benefit!  This is so you can have a safer and more efficient kitchen to produce high quality food! 

Running cooking classes for some time here at FoodCraft, we have often seen some ..."unique" knife skills that we would NOT recommend to our kitchen staff.
As we don't have the time to correct some habits during our other classes, we have designed a focus class to help with the basic kitchen skills. 

In this class, you'll be learning how to use a knife correctly, how to sharpen it and maintain it. 
As a bonus we will make a Keto Vegan Veggie Maki to pack home so that you can appreciate your improved knife skills.

• How to sharpen a knife with a whetstone
• How to use and maintain your knife 
• basic knife skills ( You'll make a Vegan Keto Veg Bento)  

• Recipes
• A guide on how to sharpen your knife with a whetstone
• A guide on basic knife skills
• Food made in class (Vegan Keto Veggie Maki)

• 1x knife to sharpen in class (chef's or santoku knife will be ideal)  
• 1x whetstone to use in class (If you don't have one pre-order before class with a discount!)    
• 1x Pen
• 1x Apron  

We will confirm your seat(s) once all fees are received. 
Deadline for any cancellation request is 7 days prior to the start time of the class. 
All fees will become non-refundable after the deadline. 
Cancellation requests should be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the class for any refund to be made back to your account.

Length of class: 2.5 hours