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Sourdough Baking - Level 1 - FoodCraft Online Store

Sourdough Baking - Level 1

  • HK$58000


Sesame Kitchen

Room A, 21/F, Yiuga Factory Building, No.62 Victoria Road, Hong Kong

What is sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread making traces back to the ancient art of artisan bread making that uses 3 basic ingredients, ie flour + water + salt and time for fermentation. All other additive/unnatural ingredients that commercially produced bread include are eliminated.

Sourdough bread is healthy, gentle to the digestive system, and delicious; and the crumb texture gives a satisfying mouth feeling. In this hands-on class, we will show you how to make sourdough bread step by step and the techniques required. You will take home a recipe, your first hand crafted sourdough bread and an extra dough to practise your bake at home too.

*This will be a hands-on class. You will be kneading, rounding, shaping and proofing the sourdough and bake - Please bring your apron!

What will you learn?

  • How to make a traditional sourdough bread – hands on
  • How to refresh and feed your sourdough starter
  • Understands how sourdough behaves at each stage of bread making

What will you take home?

  • Your first sourdough bread
  • A jar of sourdough mother starter
  • The essential knowledge you need to bake your own homemade artisan sourdough bread.
  • Recipe
  • A dough to practice to bake at home

What to bring?

  • 1x apron
  • 1x pen

Cancellation policy

We will confirm your seat(s) once all fees are received. Deadline for any cancellation request is 7 days prior to the start time of the class. All fees will become non-refundable after the deadline. Cancellation requests should be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the class for any refund to be made back to your account.


Length of Class: 3 Hours

Fee: HK$580

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