Minor Figures Oat Milk - 1L

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Barista Oat Milk. Formulated by baristas, for baristas.

No dairy. No added sugar.

Store in a cool dry place. After opening keep in the fridge and drink within 7 days.


Oat Milk

The best companion for specialty coffee. 

Coffee is a fruit. If you value the growers, the processing, the roasting and have pulled the perfect shot - don’t compromise it. Allow the brightness and natural character of the espresso to be expressed whenever you drink a latte, flat white, or mocha. When you choose your roast, origin, grind setting, and more, you will be able to taste it with this Oat M*lk.


Dairy is the status quo for coffee - not the gold standard.

Minor Figures Oat Milk Hong Kong


Water, Oats, Rapeseed oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Salt.

Made in the UK.



Minor Figure Oat Milk Nutrition

Do the Minor Figures products contain lactose gluten or dairy?

All our products are 100% plant-based and therefore dairy free, naturally lactose-free and free from animal protein.

To be labelled as ‘gluten-free’ products must contain no more than 20 ppm of gluten. These Oat Mi*k based products are not quite that low and while none of the ingredients directly contain gluten, this product cannot claim it is free from gluten.

It does however have strict requirements being careful to monitor and minimise contamination. Because of this, this product is able to ensure that all of the Oat Mi*k based products contain less than 100 ppm (mg/kg per product) gluten from rye, wheat and barley. This means that they are categorised as being very low in gluten (containing between 21 and 100 ppm gluten).



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