Clearspring Japanese Ume-Shiso Condiment - 50g

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Ume-shiso sprinkle, is a traditional Japanese condiment and is a great alternative to table salt due to its salty, zesty and tangy flavour. Clearspring Shiso Condiment is made using an ancient and traditional process where fresh shiso leaves are first pickled together with umeboshi plums then sun-dried and powdered. Shiso literally means "purple leaf" and is also known as Beefsteak plant (Perilla frutescens) which is added to Umeboshi to impart its attractive vivid red colour. During the pickling process these naturally bitter leaves take on a salty, sour flavour and after several days the leaves are removed from the kegs, dried and ground into a fine powder before packaging.

Shiso condiment is known as "shiso momiji" in Japan.

Ingredients: Shiso leaves (perilla frutescens) (69%), salt, Ume plums (Prunus mume) (6%)

How to Use:

The zesty, tart and salty flavour of ume-shiso condiment is especially good with grains, salads, soups and tofu dishes. Or sprinkle a little over: Creamy Lentil & Squash Stew, add to Quick Cook Organic Grains & Pulses Burgers or simply use it to flavour rice.

Nutritional Information

Typical values g per 100g
Energy kJ:  351
Energy kCal:  84
Fat:  1.6
of which saturates:  0.6
Carbohydrate:  6.8
of which sugars:  0
Fibre:  6.7
Protein:  7.2
Salt:  54.6