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Coconut Tribe - Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (500ml)

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100% pure and raw, with all the natural goodness of coconuts... Fresh handpicked organic coconuts from the surrounding coconut groves are cold pressed and bottled at source to maintain over 50% Lauric Acid content. Luxuriously smooth, with the delicate aroma and delicious taste of fresh coconuts, we bring you an island treasure from the fertile tropics of Sri Lanka.

Suggested Use:

  • Cooking up for tropical curries, soups and whipping into salad dressings.
  • Substitute butter and oil in cakes and bakes for a light healthy alternatives.
  • Baste meat, fish and vegetable with extra virgin coconut oil to add flavour and keep moist.
  • Adding a spoon of extra virgin coconut oil in your morning coffee, tea or smoothie is an easy way to enjoy all the immune system boosting, energy-increasing benefits of coconut oil.
  • High smoking point make it a perfect oil for deep frying.
  • Indulge in a spoon of extra virgin coconut oil, recommended 2-4 Tbs a day.

Pure Natural Beauty Benefits

  • A great natural moisturizer for glowing skin and perfect for chapped skin
  • Oil pulling with coconut oil, defends against bacteria, reduce plaque and gingivitis, prevents bad breath and improves your overall dental hygiene. Take a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil to swish it gently around your mouth.
  • Use it shaving cream to naturally soothe and reduces irritation
  • A natural deodorant- mix a few drops of essential oil of choice.
  • An amazing body massage oil, for baby and you.
  • Perfect for hair care - use to nourish and deep condition your hair and combat frizz and tangles.


100% Pure organic coconuts

Storage instruction:a clear liquid above 26 ºc with pearl like crystals forming as the oil cools to a solid below 23ºc. store in a cool, dry place.

Net wight: 500g

coconut extra virgin oil


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