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Organic Raw Black Sesame Butter - 454g

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Stone ground organic raw black sesame butter is prepared by slowly roasting black sesame seeds at a temperature as low as possible which enables them to release their nutty flavor. They are then crushed with a millstone and give a pleasantly smooth and creamy sesame butter sometimes referred to as “raw tahini.”


Why it's good for you:

Black sesame butter contains sesamin and sesamolin, which belong to a group of fibers named lignans. It is rich in dietary fiber and helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and thus prevents us from cardiovascular disease. Besides, it is also rich in phytosterols, plant compounds having a similar chemical structure as cholesterol. Phytosterols also have a cholesterol-lowering effect, meanwhile, they have an additional benefit of reducing cancer risk.


Suggested use:

Good for making smoothies, use as a spread, making dips, adding to curries and stews as a thickener, making dressings and sauces, adding to dessert to create a rich flavor.



Organic raw black sesame


*This product was produced in a kitchen where wheat is also handled.  If you have any concerns about food allergies, please contact us at before purchasing or consuming this product.*

Sold in a glass jar.


Customer Reviews

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Totally fresh and feels healthy but a bit bitter and raw. Will be perfect if could combine "tasty" and 'healthy"

Thank you Juanna! :)
We look forward to having you try our signature 'Organic Stone Ground Raw Sesame Butter, Tahini - 454g' in WHITE for a taste that may surprise you on toasts, dips, salads, and even stir-fried vegetables!


its exactly the pure grounded black sesame with no add-ons, full-fills 100% my need from this product

Hello TT!
Try it in 'blanc' too, one of our very popular signatures that you can use almost in any imaginative way!


Organic Raw Black Sesame Butter - 454g

Thank you for your review! Hope you enjoy it;)

Rich creamy goodness

This is fragrant, rich and absolutely divine. My 6-year-old just eats it plain by the spoonfuls!

Our team is so happy to know that! Thank you for your purchase. Look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

raw black sesame butter

1. I usually buy black sesame butter without coconut flower sugar which costs $108. But this time only the one with coconut flower sugar is supplied and it costs $158. When I tasted it, I found that it is not sweet although the label said coconut flower sugar was one of the ingredients.
2. The best before date is 8-4-2020. Only 2 weeks after the delivery which is too short.