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Beyond the Organic Shirake Mochi - 50g

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Beyond the Organic Mochi from Shirake Sticky Rice

We call this the "Ultra high-spec rice cake (Mochi)".
This Mochi is made from a rare breed of sticky rice and has been grown without any chemicals or fertilizers.

This mochi will have a strong rice flavor and sweetness in each bite that you will not need to add any flavors and just enjoy it's original flavor.  The texture is also very smooth, just like what you would expect when you bite into mochi desserts!

What is Shirage Glutinous Rice?
A very rate breed of rice that is made only in a small area of the Kamiina region in Nagano Prefecture. Moreover, it makes it extremely rare to find this made by natural farming. 

Where It's Made
This glutinous rice was made in the field of natural cultivation group "Wakka Agri agricultural production corporation" located in the Hasegawa area Ina-city, ​​Nagano prefecture. This area is blessed with the natural high-mineral water from the Mine river, which originates from the Sough Japanese Alps.

Mineral rich delicious water, clean air, and the big difference in the temperature from hot to cold makes the Hasegawa district the best environment to make delicious rice! 

Cultivation Method
We call this "beyond organic" as nothing is used except the rich soil. No fertilizers, no chemicals. This method is believed to draw out the soil's original energy and it should also be the best for our bodies too.

50 g / piece × 10 (1 pack) 
*Limited stock (harvest it only once a year) 

無農薬・無施肥 白毛もち


長野県伊那市長谷地区の中山間地域にある自社グループ法人「農業生産法人Wakka Agri」の自然栽培の圃場で作られたもち米。美和湖に流れる三峰川の南アルプスを源流としたミネラル分豊富な美味しい水と清廉な空気、そして大きい寒暖の差と、美味しいお米を作るには最高の環境!