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Rude Health - Organic Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour (500g)

  • HK$9800

What’s more nourishing than a grain? A grain that’s been sprouted.

Buckwheat is a pseudo-grain that is gluten-free and more closely related to rhubarb than to wheat. We sprout the buckwheat grain so it comes to life and releases its vital nutrients. Enzyme activity breaks down inhibitors, transforming and multiplying nutrients into their more easily digestible forms. Our Sprouted Whole Buckwheat Flour is perfect for making pancakes, blinis and breads with a nutty tang that’s made it a hit with the hippest bakers.

Sprouted whole buckwheat flour.

Contains gluten. Made in a facility that handles nuts.

Nutrition per 100g

Energy 335kcal / 1401J
Protein 13.3g
Carbohydrates 71g
- Sugars 3g Fat 3g
- Saturated fat 1g
- Trans fat 0g
Fibre 10g
Sodium 0g

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