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Organic Spanish Lemon - 1pc

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Why are they good for you? 

Lemons are high in vitamin C, fiber, and various beneficial plant compounds.
These nutrients are responsible for several health benefits.

Here are some benefits you may find in lemons
1. Support Heart Health
2. Help Control Weight
3. Prevent Kidney Stones
4. Protect Against Anemia
5. Reduce Cancer Risk
6. Improve Digestive Health

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Suggested Use:

  • Make them into slices and add to your water bottle! 
  • Add to your iced teas
  • Blend into your smoothies
  • Bake into your favourite desserts (include the skin. It's organic!) 
  • Add to dressings, seasonings and marinades.

Nutritional Information 
(100g, Raw Lemon Juice) 

Lemon Juice Nutrition


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