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Cooking Demo - Tempura Making Class

  • HK$78000


Room A, 21F Yiuga Factory Building, No.62 Victoria Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong Island


Come join us for a cooking demo and where you will watch and learn about the art of making delicious Tempura. We will be serving you a full course of tempura, rice, soup and shio-koji pickles.

Learn how to make Tempura, how to serve this popular dish, and how to eat (a bit of Japanese table manners!)

What is Tempura?
Tempura is a Japanese traditional dish that has became one of the most globally recognized Japanese foods along with sushi. It is often ranked in the top 5 favorite Japanese foods among tourists in Japan. Of course, the Japanese love it too!

Tempura was introduced by Portuguese who landed in Nagasaki back in the 16th century. Japanese localized the original recipe over the centuries and it has became the Tempura we know today.

The batter was changed to be the thinnest batter in the world, using lighter oil which contributes to the amazing aroma.

It also has much more vegetables compared to the fried dishes in other cultures and don't forget the unique Tempura sauce that goes with this :)

Tempura may appear as a simple dish, but there are lots of hidden secrets. The secret for a perfect tempura is in its batter recipe the cooking temperature of the oil.

In this demo you will learn tips on how to make tempura that light crispy texture we all love by learning how to mix and fry the batter. You will also learn the best oil to use, how to check the right temperature and the right timing to take it out from the oil!

This will all be taught during the demo and you will also get to try it after as well!
Once you learn the tricks, you can easily make a nice crispy Tempura at home!



  • How to make Tempura
  • How to make Tempura soup
  • How to make Tempura rice triangle
  • How to make Vegetable Pickles with Shio ko-ji


  • Recipes 
  • Food made in class


  • 1x Pen


We will confirm your seat(s) once all fees are received. Deadline for any cancellation request is 7 days prior to the start time of the class. All fees will become non-refundable after the deadline. Cancellation requests should be made in writing at least 7 days prior to the class for any refund to be made back to your account.



Length of class: 2.5 hours 


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