Amisa Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa Crispbread - 100g
  Enjoy Amisa Quinoa Fibre Plus crispbreads with your favourite savoury or sweet topping - for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. For convenience and optimum freshness our crispbreads come to you in individual snack packs.   Ingredients Corn Flour*,...
Amisa Organic Gluten-Free Quinoa Flour - 375g
Quinoa originated in the Andean region and was domesticated 3,000 to 4,000 years ago for human consumption in the Lake Titicaca basin.We mill our organic whole quinoa grains extra fine. Ideal for making pancakes, cookies or for use in baking...
Amisa Organic Gluten-Free Rice & Corn Crispbread - 120g
  Both rice and corn are naturally gluten free. Enjoy Amisa rice and corn crispbreads with your favourite savoury or sweet topping - for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. For convenience and optimum freshness our crispbreads come to you...
Amisa Organic Gluten-Free Rice and Amaranth Crispbread - 120g
Amaranth & Rice Enjoy Amisa rice amaranth crispbreads with your favourite sweet or savoury topping - for breakfast, lunch or as a snack. For convenience and optimum freshness our crispbreads come to you in individual snack packs.   Ingredients Rice...
Amisa Organic Gluten-Free Veggie Garden Crispbread - 100g
Enjoy Amisa veggie garden crispbreads with your favourite savoury topping – for breakfast, lunch or as a tasty snack.   Ingredients Rice Flour*, Corn flour*, pea flour*, dried onion*, vegetable mix*1% (Parsnip*, carrot*, parsley*, chives*, lovage*), Potato flakes*, sea salt....
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Amisa Organic Red Lentil Flour - 400g
  Amisa Red Lentil Flour is a great source of protein as well as being full of fibre and naturally gluten free. It can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes, including, muffins, breads, pancakes and sauces....
Apalarina Blossom Water From Chios - 350ml
Refreshing flower water from distilled water and lemon blossom extract
Big Drop Brewing Co Pine Trail Alcohol Free Pale Ale - 330ml
Alcohol-free Pale Ale. A delight for the senses, this beer delivers on all levels. Rosy floral aromas are immediate as you pour, with a light and limey citrus bite on the palate and balanced but obvious bitterness to finish. Store and...
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BiOFAIR Organic Fair Trade Rice and Quinoa Fusilli - 250g
Biofair Organic Rice Quinoa Fusilli is a naturally gluten free pasta. Easy to cook and holds in shape well. Cooking instructions: Put pasta in boiling water (approx. 3 litres of water per 227g of pasta) Add salt if required Boil...
Biona Baked Giant Beans In Tomato Sauce - 230g
These delicious baked beans are made with giant butter beans served in a rich and hearty tomato sauce for a wholesome twist on the household classic. Made with all natural ingredients, rich in fibre and a source of protein, with...
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Biona Harissa Chilli Relish - 125g
A spicy, wonderfully aromatic paste, our Biona Organic Harissa Chilli Relish is just the thing to waken your taste buds. With its fiery red colour and fragrant aroma, this tempting relish can be added to grain dishes, soups and casseroles...
Biona Organic Aduki Beans - 400g
  Biona Organic Aduki Beans are a good source of protein, iron and magnesium and are rich in dietary fibre. Fat free, and no added salt.    Ingredients Aduki Beans*, Water   * = Certified Organic Ingredients Nutritional Information Typical...
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Biona Organic Apple Apricot Puree - 360g
Sweet, fresh and fruity, apple and apricot make an insatiable combination in our Biona Organic Apple and Apricot Puree. A lovingly blended mixture of two delicious fruits grown on organic farms, this puree contains all the full flavour and nutritional...
Biona Organic Apple Mango Puree - 360g
Our Biona Organic Apple and Mango Puree combines the sweet, mild flavour of juicy mangos with crisp, fresh apples, creating a flavoursome and nutritious fruit puree. Our produce is selected from organic farms, then carefully blended together in order to...
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Biona Organic Apple Rhubarb Puree - 360g
A tasty blend of organic apples and rhubarb, made with the finest organic fruits for full on flavour packed with natural goodness. Ingredients Apple* (80%), Rhubarb* (20%)   * = Certified Organic Ingredients   Nutritional Information Typical Values per 100g Energy...
Biona Organic Balsamic Glaze - 150ml
A thick, aromatic syrup made from reduced balsamic vinegar, our Biona Organic Balsamic Glaze can make a delectable addition to any Italian meal. Produced from Italian balsamic vinegar, this delicious glaze can be used for everything from marinating vegetables to...
Biona Organic Banana Blossom - 400g
Banana Blossom is a large tear shaped fruit that grows at the end of a banana fruit cluster. It’s recently been acclaimed as the next best vegan meat substitute. Similar to Jackfruit, also originating from South East Asia, It has...
Biona Organic Beetroot Slices - 340g
Biona Organic beetroot makes a delicious salad served with greens, goats cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Puree with roasted apples, add into soups, or roast with your Sunday vegetables! Ingredients Beetroot**, Vinegar*, Sea Salt, Agave Syrup*, Onions*, Black...
Biona Organic Beluga Lentils - 400g
Biona Organic Beluga Lentils have a firm texture and delicious flavour, making them perfect for salads, stews or soups.    Ingredients Beluga Lentils*, Water   * = Certified Organic Ingredients Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy 376kJ/94kcal Fat 0g...
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Biona Organic Black Beans - 400g
Boasting a mellow flavour and plenty of protein, with no added sugar or salt, our organic black beans are a whole and hearty pulse that boosts your cooking. Our beans have a firm and satisfying texture paired with a subtle...
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Biona Organic Black Chickpeas - 400g
Mix things up with these Italian Black Chick Peas – a colourful twist on the classic store cupboard essential.  Containing all the usual chick pea goodness, these black gems provide a healthy portion of plant-based protein and are ready to...
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Biona Organic Black Olive Pate - 120g
If you love the savoury, irresistible flavour of olives, our Biona Organic Black Olive Paté is perfect for making your favourtie Italian snack even more versatile. Made from organically grown black olives, our paté recalls the tastes of the Mediterranean...
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Biona Organic Blackcurrant Spread - 250g
Blackcurrant Spread You can’t beat jam on toast on a cold morning. Our Blackcurrant Spread is sweetened with natural fruit juice rather than cane sugar so there's no need to go easy on the spreading.   Ingredients: Blackcurrant* (50%), Apple...
Biona Organic Blackeye Beans - 400g
A good source of protein, iron, magnesium and rich in dietary fibre. No added salt.    Ingredients Blackeye Beans*, Water   * = Certified Organic Ingredients Nutritional Information Typical Values Per 100g Energy 494kJ/116kcal Fat 0.7g of which saturates 0.2g...
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