Organic Nuka - 500g

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Nuka, also known as rice bran, is the hard outer skin of the rice grains that is removed when polishing brown rice to make white rice.  It is gluten-free unlike the traditional wheat bran and contains a high nutritional value and typically used in Japanese cooking to make dishes such as fermented pickles called nukazuke.

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What is Nukazuke?

Nukazuke are a type of Japanese pickle made by fermenting vegetables in Nuka.  Almost any edible vegetable may be pickled using this rice bran such as eggplant, daikon, cabbage, and cucumber.  Many Japanese households have their own nukazuke crocks, which are basically like beds that contain the Nuka bran so you can start the fermentation process.

What Does it Taste Like?

Nukazuke pickles can be tangy to very sour and has a salty pungent taste.  The texture is quite crunchy so people love to add this dish to their meals for that extra crispiness!  They are often eaten at the end as they are said to aid in digestion. The lactobacillus in nukazuke pickles contains lots of good probiotics which can supplement the growth of healthy intestinal flora.