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Pure Nigari Epsom Salt Solution - 120ml

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From the Kumejima Ocean deep sea water, this "Nigari" is most commonly used to make tofu.  
As our ingredients are stabilized by our proprietary technology, we can use it for not only making tofu, but also for diluting drinking water and skin care.

This nigari is special as it made form the deep sea water from 200m under Kume-jima area and contains high levels of minerals. It has lower amount of sodium and more of Magnesium.

How to Use

  • As a mineral supplement when diluted in water
    • Please dilute it (1g of Nigari + 400g Water)
    • Please note that it may upset your stomach if you ingest a large amount at one time
  • Cooking
    • Making Tofu How to make Tofu (Japanese Recipe)
    • Cooking rice
    • Baking bread
  • Skincare
    • Can be used to cleanse and detox your skin or to add into your bath water to relax your muscles 
    • Please dilute it (1g of Nigari + 100g Water) for usage on your skin.

Ingredients: 100% Epsom Salt Nigari (deep sea ocean water form 200m under) 

Nutrition: (per 100ml) Energy 0 cal, protein 0g, fat 0g, sugars 0g, Sodium 800ml, Magnesium 2500mg, Potassium 720mg, Calcium 0g

Country of Origin: Ishigaki Island, Okinawa

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