Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder - 100g
Organic finely ground cinnamon powder Cinnamon is good for people with diabetes or on a keto diet as it helps lower the blood sugar level. Another good news is, you don’t have to eat much cinnamon to get the positive...
Organic Nuka - 500g
Nuka, also known as rice bran, is the hard outer skin of the rice grains that is removed when polishing brown rice to make white rice.  It is gluten-free unlike the traditional wheat bran and contains a high nutritional value...
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Pure Nigari Epsom Salt Solution - 120ml
From the Kumejima Ocean deep sea water, this "Nigari" is most commonly used to make tofu.  As our ingredients are stabilized by our proprietary technology, we can use it for not only making tofu, but also for diluting drinking water and...
Shioya Seawater Nigari Magnesium - 170ml
You can easily enjoy making tofu at home. Recently, it has been reported on TV that Nigari can be expected to be effective for weight loss and maintaining good health.In Japan, nigari is gaining popularity as the "6th seasoning" tht is a...
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