Organic Green Tea Powder - 70g

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The organic green tea powder is made from the Organic Tamaryoku-cha ground into a fine powder of between 50 to 200 mesh (fine to very fine), and can simply be dissolved in hot water and drunk as it is. The organic green tea powder is made from only the tea leaves themselves, so you can take in all the goodness of green tea without wasting a bit.

The green tea leaves were ground just as they are – nothing added, nothing taken away. The green tea powder is made only from organic green tea, so you can drink it with complete peace of mind.  If you can't find Matcha powder, this is a great substitute to get that similar taste.

The green tea powder was made by Fujisako Tea Estate. They never use artificial chemicals; due to concerns about chemical carryover, all their fertiliser is organic, made from raw materials containing no waste products from cows, pigs or chickens. Besides, they do not use heavy machinery so as to protect the soil and tea plants; what they use is a hand-held tea plucker instead, a small machine that only weighs around 10kg.


Organic Green Tea Leaves

*Ingredients certified organic

Product of Kumamoto, Japan

Quantity per serving:

Energy 27kj, Protein less than 1g, Total fat less than 1g, Carbohydrate less than 1g, Sugars nil, Sodium less than 5mg


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