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Dairy Free "Milk" Kefir Grains - 1 Teaspoon
*Please be patient with your brew. The grains can take up to 10 brews to be fully activated. What are Kefir Grains? Although the name has 'grain' in it, there are no actual grains such as wheat, oat or rye...
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Nature's Goodness Kefir Turkish Yoghurt Starter
Nature's Goodness Australia - Kefir Turkish Yoghurt ProbioticKefir is a fermented milk drink that originated in the Caucasian Mountains near Turkey, where it was used for centuries as a healthy drink.How Kefir works Kefir is a probiotic - a source of...
NON-GMO Tempeh Starter (Raprima Tempeh)- 150g
What is a Tempeh Starter? Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian fermented product. It is an acquired taste but once you start to like it you can get addicted to it - just like every other fermented foods! Raprima tempeh starter is...
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