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Mama's Home Style Ajvar Roasted Pepper Spread (Hot) - 290g

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MAMA’S, products are famous throughout the Balkans for their traditional recipe and have now become a global phenomenon!  MAMA’S, gather only the best all-natural, GMO-Free ingredients and mix them to create their unique and rich flavour Ljutenica. The perfect balance of the flavourful red roasted peppers and a little chilli brings out the fine texture and a delicious smokey aroma and flavour. 


MAMA’S Ljutenica is made according to a traditional and compound production process that happens only once a year, from August to October, during a season when the fresh ingredients are picked from the fields. That’s why all the pepper relishes come in limited quantities. 

The unique production process enables all the fresh ingredients to be processed straight from the fields, within 12 hours. All of this without adding any artificial colors, additives, preservatives, thickeners or starch. For this reason every time you open MAMA’S jar, it feels like the Ljutenica was made yesterday.

One of the most difficult things of the production process is the hand peeling. What you do is you carefully peel the skins of the peppers ensuring not to leave any trace or dark spots.


Roasted pepper, tomato paste, sunflower oil, hot fefferoni, sea salt, garlic, parsley and sugar.

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Hi Elizabeth! :) You sure know how to enjoy a naturally flavoured sauce! We can’t stop thinking about it now...