FLOW COSMETICS Organic Essential Oil, Lavender - 10ml
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Lavender Essential Oil    Organic essential oil of lavender. A versatile oil that reduces pain, relaxes, calms, helps to sleep, strenghtens the heart, lowers blood pressure, eases headaches and itchiness, stops cuts getting infected, cools and heals burnsand...
Zero Yet 100 Charcoal Detox Mask - 45g
      The Detox Pack is a multipurpose mask that draws out impurities and buildup. We initially formulated this to help our customers speed up and ease the transition into natural deodorants. However, this detoxifying formulation works great on...
FLOW COSMETICS Hemp Body Butter - 130ml
Hemp Body Butter is naturally formulated as an all-around cream for dry skin. Hemp seed oil, rich in omega-3 acids, softens, nourishes and protects the skin. With antiseptic essential oil blended in, it is excellent for atopic eczema and different kinds of...
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ALGA CICOSA Certified Organic Reparative Lip Balm - 15ml
The lips are particularly sensitive to external stress and require specialized protection. Origin: FranceSize: 15 ml   Description The ALGA CICOSA® reparative1  Lip Balm relieves, protects and  restores chapped, irritated, and cracked lips for the whole family (children & adults). Its hypoallergenic2 formula, made...
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KORENTO Age Defying Serum Foundation - Warm 01 (W1) - 20ml
Tinted, ultra-thin serum with intensive moisturization Premium quality natural foundation serum handcrafted in Finland. Giving you a satin finish while nourishing like an optimal skin serum.   Suitable for all skin types. Best suitable for dry, surface dry, rough and aging skin. ...
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Rose Floral Water - 100ml
Organic Rose Floral Water is a by-product of the distillation of the essential oil of rose. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, rose water can be added to your beauty regime. That's what makes it a beauty secret...
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Medicine Flower Extract - Organic French Lavender Flavor - 10ml
Originating in Greece, Rome, and Persia, luxurious Lavender oil with antiseptic properties, were enjoyed by queens and kings. Today, Lavender are a very popular item in bath salts, oils and other spa products. Derived from the Latin word “lavare”, when...
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KORENTO Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation - Cool 04 - 20ml
Achieve a velvety soft, full coverage makeup look with semi-matte finishwith KORENTO Berry Vitamin Cream Foundation. The foundation evens out skin tone and blurs any imperfection in sight. This unique formula with luxurious organic plant and berry oils gives you...
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Essential Oil, Tea Tree - 15ml
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil  Organic essential oil of tea tree. A first aid to many ailments, such as colds, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, infected cuts, dandruff, cold sores, warts and spots. Tea tree oil boosts the immune system and kills...
FLOW COSMETICS Lingonberry Bright Dry Oil Serum - 30ml
Brightening and skin tone evening dry oil serum for dry, sensitive and dull skin. Contains vitamin rich rosehip and lingonberry to even out skin tone.Antioxidant protection for your skin throughout the day! Keeps skin surface moisturised and improves skin elasticity....
FLOW COSMETICS Bilberry Moisture Cream - 30ml
A light cream with seed oils of arctic bilberry and blackcurrant helps to renew skin cells while purifying and brightening the skin. Light, easily absorbable, organic, natural and chemical free.   Benefits Suitable for all skin types, especially combination and...
FLOW Cosmetics Amethyst Body Polish - 200ml
This genuine amethyst body polish is truly skin care luxury and a real stress reliever! A luxurious body polish with Himalayan rock salt for body, hands and feet. The skin nurturing exfoliator includes organic sheabutter, organic coconut oil and Finnish...
FLOW Cosmetics CocoLemon Aromatherapy Body Polish - 200ml
Truly skin care luxury! Enjoy an all-in-one exfoliator and moisturiser! Our mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt purifies  your skin by helping to remove toxins from the body. Salt is an effective exfoliator but gentle enough to not damage or irritate the...
FLOW COSMETICS Arctic Beauty Oil
ANTIOXIDANT THERAPY OIL FOR DRY & AGEING SKIN PROTECTING, MOISTURISING AND REVITALIZING OIL SERUM WITH ARCTIC SUPER BERRY VITAMINS The rich oil serum strengthens the skin, increases elasticity, protects the skin against premature aging and brightens the complexion. Arctic berry...
Medicine Flower Extract - Organic Geranium Flavor - 10ml
*LIMITED STOCK* Botanical name: Pelargonium graveolensOrigin: EgyptMethod of Extraction: Steam Distilled Uses: Hormone balancing, upliftingCultivation: Certified Organically Grown Ingredient: Organically grown geranium essential oil  
Medicine Flower - Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) Essential Oil - 2ml
Organic Jasmine Essential Oil - No additives - No fillers  Ingredient: Jasmine absolute oil How to use: 1-5 drops per serving as desired Manufactured in Oregon USA   
FLOW Cosmetics Touch of Love Perfume Oil - 10ml
Rosy floral scent. Natural perfume oil in a handy rollette bottle. ROSE & GERANIUM I Am Open to Love   The love-filled Touch of Love represents delicate yet strong womanhood Packaged in an easy-to-use rollette bottle, the aromatherapeutic natural perfume...
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ALGA CICOSA Certified Organic Reparative Cream - 40ml
Certified organic ALGA CICOSA® Reparative Cream helps the damaged, irritated and reactive skin of the whole family (infants, children, adults). Its hypoallergenic formula contains Alga Sendatu®, a patented natural reparative extract (from Red Seaweed of the Basque Coast), that promotes...
FLOW Cosmetics Tourmaline Body Polish - 200ml
Luxurious salt body polish combines aromatherapy & crystal healing.   True skin care luxury! A luxurious body polish with Himalayan rock salt for body, hands and feet. The skin nurturing exfoliator includes organic sheabutter, organic coconut oil and Finnish lingonberry....
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Essential Oil, Peppermint - 10ml
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Peppermint Essential Oil  Organic essential oil of peppermint. This oil reduces nausea, travel sickness, headaches and pain and eases ear infections, blocked noses and sinus infections. Boosts digestion, freshens the breath, invigorates, cools, is antiseptic, kills viruses and bacteria, strenghtens...
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Essential Oil, Lemon - 10ml
FLOW COSMETICS Organic Lemon Essential Oil  Cold pressed, organic essential oil of lemon. A versatile oil that reduces fluid retention and cellulite, envigorates and boosts circulation. Good for respiratory infections, sore throats, head aches and gum infections. Antiseptic, prevents infections, kills...
KORENTO Liquid Blush, Pumpkin - 10ml
A blush combined with the nurturing effects of a serum   Premium quality natural cheek blush handcrafted in Finland. Liquid texture makes it easily buildable and blendable. As nourishing as a tinted serum with certified organic & vegan ingredients.  ...
FLOW COSMETICS Bilberry & Rosehip Facial Oil Serum (Combination & Oily Skin) - 30ml
Formulated with carefully selected seed oils, plant extracts and essential oils, the serum can renew the skin and aid in the production of new skin cells and collagen. It can also purify the skin whilst protecting the skin from the harmful effects...
Medicine Flower - Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil - 10ml
*LIMITED STOCK* Organic LemongrassEssential Oil (10ml) Medicine Flower essential oils are 100% pure botanical oils produced by distillation, CO2, solvent or expression of different parts of the plant.These are highly concentrated botanical oils. Please dilute before applying to skin. They...
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