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ILIADA Early Harvest Olive Oil - 750ml

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ILIADA Early Harvest marks the beginning of the new olive oil season. It is produced by the first batch of hand-picked Koroneiki olives, that are still unripe. Olives are cold-pressed within a few hours maintaining their quality and aromas, while the olive oil is bottled immediately, without going through any filtering.


This limited production olive oil is unfiltered, meaning that following olives’ pressing, tiny particles of the fruit remain in the olive oil. These particles enhance its taste and flavor while they give this rich green color with the cloudy appearance. After several months, particles would create a sediment, an indication of its freshness.


Strong aroma of freshly cut grass and green herbs with a fresh, fruity & intense taste and a pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Its robust and strongly pungent that consumers might express it as a burning sensation on their tongue. It’s a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil with acidity less than 0,3%.


Chefs will simply love this unique extra virgin olive oil for their creations, as it really transforms dishes. Connoisseurs will prize it for its flavor & pungency. The perfect way to enjoy it, is over a slice of freshly baked bread or in your salads. It will make a difference in pasta, fish & soups and it may be used in all Mediterranean dishes.