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Organic Artisan Gin Tasting Gift Set - 4 x 100ml

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Ideal to share with a loved one or the perfect gift for the gin lover in your life.

The tasting gift set included:

Dodd's Gin - 100ml

The London Distillery Company's first gin produced solely in London, following the release of their Anglo-American Testbed 1 gin samples in 2012. It's named after Ralph Dodd, who back in 1807 had planned to build a distillery in London for the creation of British spirits. Ralph's dream sadly crumbled, however, much like a number of bridges and tunnels he designed.
The gin itself is made exclusively with organic botanicals, including juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, cardamom, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel, and honey from The London Honey Company.

Palate: Juniper and bay leaf gives way to kaffir lime and then green Opal Fruits (/Starburst). More subtle notes of bracken and raspberry bush, as well as a hint of jasmine and some cardamom depth. Thick textured with a hit of fresh lime zest, juniper and just a hint of that honey.

KEW - 100ml

East London Liquor Company has teamed up with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to create a wonderfully fresh and fragrant gin! The expressions feature a selection of botanicals sourced from the gardens themselves, and it packs an awesome flavour profile with top notes of Douglas fir, zesty citrus and aromatic lavender. Enjoy with a good splash of tonic and a wedge of orange, or give it a go in a Negroni.

Palate: Juniper and pine, a classic combo. Orange peel brings a sweetness to the table, while lavender and angelica give it a floral lightness. Subtle anise hints and a touch of coriander sit underneath.

Lord of Barbes Gin - 100ml

Lord of Barbes Gin was created by Hervé Lopez. The gin includes nine botanicals: juniper, coriander, cardamom, grains of paradise, angelica roots, mango, ginger, nutmeg and, unusually, the baobab fruit nicknamed 'monkey bread' (since it is enjoyed by both humans and monkeys). All in an indigo flask with a skull on it? Of course.

Palate: Dry and fragrant, spice balanced by sweetness and slight acidity from the monkey bread.

Panda Gin - 100ml 

If we made you guess where Panda Gin hails from, your first guess might not initially be Belgium, even though it's true! This is a very unique gin, completely organic and lychee-based, along with cherry, orange peel, basil, rosemary, star anise and juniper in the mix of botanicals. It's blended with water from Hautes Fagnes highlands before bottling at 40% ABV. The fruit-forward gin should make for an interesting G&T, with a sprig of rosemary and a ribbon of lemon peel to garnish.

2 x Llanllyr Source Tonic Water

Llanllyr Source is beneath organic fields in unspoilt and unpolluted West Wales in the United Kingdom. The same sources provide drinking water for over 800 years. Contemporary packaging bottles with distinctively soft quality taste makes the water one of best selling premium water brands in the UK.
• A carbon neutral organization
• Water drawn from certified Organic land
• Official sponsor of Just a Drop
• Judged Best British tasting Water


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