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100% Okinawa Black Sugar (Kokutou) - 1kg

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Most black sugars you find from Okinawa are often mixed with many other additives or coagulating agents.  It is quite difficult 100% Pure Kokuto from Japan but this sugar is all natural. It is made by hardening the juice taken from harvested sugarcane, which has been boiled for many hours.  

Okinawa is known to make high quality brown sugar and viewed as a health product because it is rich in nutrients such as calcium, potassium, iron.


Other benefits include:

  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Improves resistance to stress
  • Lowers cholesterol 


Suggestion Use:

    • Used as an alternative to white sugar
    • Can be used in sushi rice, noodle soup, sauces,
    • Soup stock for seafood and meat
    • Flavour grilled vegetables
    • To make chocolate


Country of Origin:

Miyako-Jima Island, Okinawa


Ingredient: 100% Okinawa Black Sugar



From time to time, you might find a hard, dark colored granule mixed in with your organic sugar. Don't worry! This is often a burnt piece of sugar or organic plant fibers inherent to the sugar. 

The artisanal nature of our sugar involves heating sugar cane juice or coconut nectar (in the case of coconut palm sugar) until it crystallizes. Occasionally, plant fibers might accidentally be cooked down in the process as well. They are harmless. It is similar to seeing a darker spot on baked or toasted artisan breads.

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