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Bombooch Dragonfruit Apple Kombucha - 330ml

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This probiotic punch combines a local favorite fruit with apples and hibiscus to create a perfect juicy balance to kombucha’s tartness.

Bombooch Kombucha is a culture that is the product of an interwoven culture, one of mixed Portuguese, Macanese, and Chinese inspirations.

The story of Bombooch Kombucha starts in the rustically hippy attic kitchen of the Blissful Carrot Global Vegetarian restaurant. It seems there is usually an inquisitive hippy at the heart of every ferment being brought to modern times, and this one is no different.

Our founder was a former marine biologist who turned from endangered species science to food science using inspirations from around Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan to bring ferments to Old Taipa Village in Macau.

Soon enough, the enigmatic pungent tasting conversation piece of that restaurant, became the modern bubbly sweet and sour, bubbly umami treasure that it is today.

Bombooch Kombucha is proud to represent the diversity that is Macau in our home grown culture bringing an ancient tradition into modern times.

Storage: All of our raw, live cultured drinks are best served chilled (although some of our Bombooch fans will drink them at any temp). 

They contain living cultures that when left at room temperature are in their happy place and will continue to thrive and possibly create a more acidic drink than when bought off the shelf. 

 It is recommended to drink and store Bombooch Kombucha at 2-6C. 

Ingredients: Dragonfruit, Dried Apple, Rose Hips, Dried Hibiscus, Lemon Verbena, Orange Zest, Rose, Strawberries, Pineapple, Marigold, Organic Sencha Green Tea, Water, Raw Cane Sugar, Live Kombucha Culture (Bacteria & Yeast)

Customer Reviews

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Edmond Kung

Bombooch Dragonfruit Apple Kombucha - 330ml

Dear Edmond,

Thank you so much for the fantastic 5-star review of our Bombooch Dragonfruit Apple Kombucha! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.
We hope you continue to find our Bombooch Dragonfruit Apple Kombucha to be a delicious and refreshing addition to your beverage repertoire. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or comments in the future.