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City Farm - Organic Molasses (2 Flavours) - 450g

  • HK$7000

Molasses Allergen

Mulberry Molasses

Mulberry molasses is a thick sweet syrup, obtained from all natural mulberries. There are numerous health benefits of organic mulberry molasses.  Mulberry molasses, quite popular in Turkey can be used on yogurt, ice cream, pancakes/waffles, in baking, and as a sweetener alternative to sugar. 

If you need an added boost in the morning, you can take a spoon right into your mouth or add into your morning tonics!

Molasses is also known to be medicine to protect against diseases of the liver, gall bladder, treat sore throats as well. 
This syrup is certified organic, has no sugar added and gluten-free!

Grape Molasses

Grape molasses is an ancient food made popular in Turkey that is basically reduced grapes.  It's certainly considered a pantry staple in Turkey and highly prized for its high iron and potassium content!   It's used a lot for breakfast as it helps keep children warm and energized throughout the day.

Similar to mulberry, you can put grape molasses over pancakes and waffles,  yogurt and granola parfaits!  It can also be used as a sugar substitute! Just use it as a 1-1 ratio to substitute for maple syrup or honey in baked goods but there will be a very slight grape taste!  Want to add a bit of sweetness to marinade your meats?  Use this with fresh herbs for delicious grilling sauces!

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