Clearspring Organic Teriyaki sauce

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This award winning Teriyaki Sauce is ideal for basting and glazing, and adding a deliciously sweet yet savoury flavour to stir fries, roasts, barbecues, grilles and marinages. It is prepared according to a traditional Japanese recipe using our own Soya Sauce and other high quality ingredients - without added sugar. Perfect ingredient for BBQ.



soya sauce* (water, soya beans* (23%), wheat*, sea salt, grain alcohol (ethanol)*), rice malt syrup* (28%) (rice*, sprouted barley*, water), white wine vinegar*, mirin* (glutinous rice*, water, malted rice*, rice*), grain alcohol (ethanol)*, garlic puree*, sea salt, apple juice concentrate*, black pepper*, white pepper*, water. *organically grown

Made with Rice Malt Syrup & EU Soya Beans.