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Coconut Endurance MCT Plus

  • HK$32000

Extended performance
Twice as long as pure MCT, over 6 hours

Balance nutrients
Wide variety of healthy fats to offer different nutritional properties including Omega 3

Reliable source
Blend in Australia using reliable food sources

sustained energy release over 6 hours


Niulife Coconut Endurance MCT Plus+ is nature’s high performance formula. It rapidly metabolises into ketones to increase mental and physical energy. Ketones provide the brain and body with an alternative fuel derived from quality fats rather than sugar.

Fortified with Omega 3 from Chia, Camelina and Flaxseed oils, it can also help to correct omega imbalances that may cause inflammation. This can provide a more sustained energy release over 6 hours – twice as long as regular MCT oil.


For best effect take 1 or 2 tablespoons before meals or as part of a low carbohydrate meal and build to the recommended serving of up to 6 tablespoons per day.

As with any edible oil product, a rapid increase in ingestion may cause digestive upset, so we recommend that you build up gradually to the recommended 6 tablespoons per day. (too much too soon can lead to loose bowels)

Niulife Coconut Clarity MCT+™ is shelf-stable. Please store in a cool dry place, away from direct light. It does not require refrigeration. If refrigerated, it will go solid so bring to room temperature for ease of pouring.

Regular consumption maximises benefits. Best consumed within two months of opening – Omega 3s gradually deteriorate over time.


MCT oil (from coconut), WILD virgin coconut oil*, Chia oil, Flax oil*, certified sustainable Colombian Palm fruit oil*, Camelina oil

(*denotes organic ingredient)

Allergen Advice:

Made in a facility free of nuts, gluten and dairy.

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