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Coconut Tribe Organic Coconut Milk 22% (400ml)

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Guar Gum free & BPA free can, 100% Organic, 0% cholesterol, non-gmo, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, additive & preservative free

Coconut Tribe Coconut Milk is extracted from freshly handpicked coconuts and has a wonderful rich coconut taste. No emulsifiers or stabilisers are used.


Organic coconut extract (60%), water


Perfect for cooking, desserts, ice cream, smoothies and as a drink or milk substitute. 


Store in a cool dry place.

Products will separate as no stabilisers are used. Shake well before opening. If stored at low temperatures, the contents may solidify. Gently warming the coconut cream in a saucepan should return it to liquid state. Once opened, empty any unused contents into a non-metal container, keep refrigerated and consume within 2 days.

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka


Nutritional Information

Coconut Tribe Coconut Milk 22%

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