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Nutrition Workshop - For Kids

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Join us with Nutritionist Michelle Lau to learn the importance of food and how it affects our body.  Each workshop will be a 40 minute session of lecture with Michelle followed by a 40 minute activity led by Chef Shima about food preparation. By the end of the course, we hope your children will have a better understanding about how food nourishes their bodies and how to make better choices even when they are not with parents or caregivers! 

This workshop is a series of 4 sessions (1.5 hours each).  The courses can be taken "à la carte" but ideally, the course would be much more comprehensive if you can attend the full series.   

Session 1. Nutrients for Growth

  • Learn about the origin of food
  • Learn about the main classes of nutrients and why each group is crucial to our health
  • Learn how to identify food sources of selected nutrients
    Session 2. Healthy Food Plate
    • Identify the food groups
    • Learn the major nutrients in each food group
    • Grasp the important concepts of a healthy food plate
    • Create a perfect healthy lunchbox
      Session 3. Perfect Portion Size
      • Review the concepts of "a healthy plate"
      • Identity the recommended daily amounts to eat from each food groups
      • Identify and measure healthy food portion sizes 
      Session 4. Food Label Reading
      • Learn to read food labels
      • Learn to compare nutrition values of foods based on the label
      • Learn how to properly shop at the supermarket 

          WHAT TO BRING?

          • We have a few things we will ask you to bring according to the assignment. We will remind you by email before each class!


          We will confirm your seat(s) once all fees are received. Deadline for any cancellation request is 24 hours prior to the start time of the class. All fees will become non-refundable after the deadline. Cancellation requests should be made in writing at least 24 hours prior to the class for any refund to be made back to your account.

          Room A, 21/F, Yiuga Factory Building, No.62 Victoria Road, Hong Kong

          Length of Class: 1.5 hours̴

          6 to 13 years old. (*If younger then 6, please join with your caregiver) 

          About Michelle

          Michelle Lau

          Michelle Lau is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc. in Human Nutrition, Canada) and founder of Nutrilicious, a Hong Kong based nutrition consultancy company specializes in sports nutrition, weight management, paediatric and maternal nutrition. Michelle and her team are sought after experts for a variety of services: health & wellness programs, culinary guidance and innovation, food product & recipe development, dynamic public speaking, and much more! Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and online media across Asia and she has also contributed unbiased nutritional views on TV and radio. As an avid runner and obsessive home baker, she appreciates and prioritizes balance in all areas of life. Her motto: "Life is so endlessly delicious".

          Follow her on Instagram/FB @nutriliciousss

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