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Tribest Original Personal Blender - Complete Blender & Grinder Set, PB-250-A Single-Serving Blender

  • HK$1,29900


HK$1299 (including delivery)


As versatile as it is portable, the Tribest Personal Blender delivers an impressive 200 watts of ice-crushing, smoothie-making power wherever you plug it in. Tribest Personal Blender is compact and smartly designed with high impact BPA Free polyester containers for blending, grinding or serving. The PB-250 conveniently comes with a commuter lid so you can take your drinks with you on the go and three regular lids for easy storage. Capable of 2 function modes: One-touch pulse mode or press down for continuous blending/grinding operation.


From healthy smoothies to baby foods, from soups to salad dressings, make and take your favorite recipes on-the-go in just seconds with ease. The possibilities are limitless. Extremely versatile and portable for today's busy lifestyle, the Tribest Personal Blender lets you and your family blend multiple recipes without the hassle involved with other appliances. Blend and serve your own drinks effortlessly in the personal blending containers or store in the refrigerator for later use. Say good-bye to time consuming clean ups and messes. Say hello to the Tribest Personal Blender. In under a minute, life just got a whole lot tastier!

    • Includes a Grinder package- The PB-250 model includes a Grinder package whereas the PB-150 model is a Blender package only. The Grinder is a small and powerful machine that will freshly grind seeds, nuts, coffee beans or even flax seeds.


    • Available in 5 packages- Ranging from our easy blend model (PB-150), to our Complete Blender and Grinding Package (PB-250), and Complete Jar Set (PB-350), we have a blending package that will suit your lifestyle.


    • Blending/Grinding Blades- Completely enclosed during operation, making it impossible to come in contact with spinning blades. Advanced safety features prevent operation when the blades are not completely enclosed.


    • The Powerful 200-Watt Motor- Easily blends all your favorite ingredients including ice and grinds all your grains, nuts, and seeds.


  • 2 Modes of Operation- One-touch pulse and press and twist continuous modes for blending and griding to that perfect consistency.


  • Personal Blender Motor Base -  (AC 220V, 60 Hz, 200W)
  • one S/S Blending Blade Assembly (4 Pronged)
  • one S/S Grinding Blade Assembly (2 Pronged)
  • two 16 oz.* BPA-FREE Large Cup
  • two 8 oz.* BPA-FREE Small Cup
  • 3 Cup Lids
  • one Commuter Lid

*Approximate Measurements


Product Personal Blender
Model PB-250-A
Blender Type Single-Serving Blender
Motor Power 200 Watt
Voltage 220V
Weight 5.4 lbs. (2.45 kg)
Dimensions 5" L x 5" W x 12.3" D
Warranty 1 Year

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