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Fish4Ever Wild Tuna (3 Flavours Available)

  • HK$7000

All pole and line fished, by local small boats, packed by hand in a traditional factory, these tunas are more dense in texture – the yellowfin we recommend for pasta dishes (stir in at end when sauce is off heat) and salads and the white tuna is great with red peppers or bacon lardons.



1. White Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil 

Our Bonito del Norte white tuna fillet jars offer four delicious thick steaks, surrounded in first cold pressed organic olive oil.  They look amazing out of the jar and taste amazing too!  Also known as Albacore in the UK, US and Caribbean, Bonito del Norte boast a denser and meatier texture



2. White Tuna Fillets in Organic Olive Oil

White tuna is known as Albacore in the US or Caribbean and as Bonito del Norte in Spain.  This is a denser, dryer and meatier tuna that works very well in certain mixes – for example with bacon and broad beans – a delicious summer mix or with red peppers and creamy cheese.  Our albacore is fished from one pole and line vessel based in Namibia.



3. Yellowfin Tuna in Organic Olive Oil

Yellowfin tuna with organic first pressed virgin olive oil is packed working directly from the whole fish, in a small artisan scale factory. Perfect for tapas, pasta dishes and salads, our yellowfin is caught by a handful of pole and line boats, locally registered, operating only in the coastal waters of Senegal. 

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