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Any questions? WhatsApp us on +852 5539 0014

FLOW Cosmetics Organic Lavender Essential Oil - 10ml

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FLOW COSMETICS Organic Lavender Essential Oil 

Organic essential oil of lavender.

A versatile oil that reduces pain, relaxes, calms, helps to sleep, strenghtens the heart, lowers blood pressure, eases headaches and itchiness, stops cuts getting infected, cools and heals burnsand can be used as a mosquito repellent. Suitable for children suffering from growing pains (dilute in base oil and massage where needed). Balances sebum production, cleanses the skin. A relaxing sauna scent, freshens and makes the washing smell good. Clears negativity as a room scent.

Origin: Finland
Size: 10ml

Beauty Tips & Usage 

How to use: diluted in base oil on skin, steam breathing, bath, poultices, homemade cosmetics and aroma lamps. A few drops can be applied directly onto the skin on its own.

Recycling instructions: Glass bottle to be recycled with glass, cork to be recycled with plastic.


INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia*

* Certified organic ingredient


Nature is always close to us; it is strong and important part of Finnish identity. Finland has the world’s cleanest nature with blue lakes, free flowing rivers, pristine forests and untouched wilderness. This unique northern energy is conveyed in our products that provide care at all levels – body, mind and spirit – just like nature.