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Fridge-Friendly Glass Drinks Dispenser

  • HK$29800

From your home-brew to water, this glass dispenser is perfect for keeping your drinks cold! With a 3L capacity and measuring notches embossed on the side, you can monitor your daily water or liquid intake. The dispenser is in compact rectangular shape so you can fit it in your fridge easily. Its sophisticated design also makes it a good tabletop dispenser - you can serve your guests in style during parties and gatherings. Time to WOW your guests!

This dispenser comes with a metallic lid, screw band and a silicon valve. The valve controls the pressure of the dispenser and makes it easier for drinks to pour out.

Size: 330x140x180mm (LxWxH)

Capacity: 3L

*Use for cold or room-temperature beverages only*

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