Handmade Wooden Japanese Kumiko Coasters

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Kumiko is a traditional technique used in making wooden furniture in Fukuoka (Kyu-Shu island) area.

These wooden designs are made without a single nail and the pieces hold each-other just like a 3D puzzle.

Enjoy these unique wooden creations as a coaster or even as a Christmas ornament. They are all handmade and every single piece is unique. Please select the pattern you like.

Please handle with care!

  1. Do not put in dishwasher
  2. Only wash gently with your hands and water
  3. If stained, you can use a wet sponge to gently remove the dirt

Meanings of Each Pattern

Hemp Leaf (麻の葉/Asa no Ha)

Meaning: as hemp grows straight up, it has a meaning of "growth" or "children's health". 
It is also a strong and beautiful pattern that represents Japan.  A charm to avoid evil.

Sesame Pattern (胡麻柄/Goma Gara)
The straight lines represents a part of a sesame pod. 
Sesame has long been used for medicine to promote longevity for many centuries. Therefore the meaning is "A prayer for long life".

Double Cherry Blossoms (八重桜/Yae Zakurea)
A very typical Japanese spring flower. Spring is associated with "a beginning" and it is a meant to be a lucky charm for many people.

Double Cherry Blossom Tortoise Shell (八重桜亀甲/Yae Zakurea Kikkou)
A geometric hexagon pattern that resembles a turtle shell.  Turtles are also a symbol of "longevity" and it is also a festive pattern.

Double Hemp (八重麻/Yae Asa) 
A double hemp leaf pattern.  A more complicated version of "Hemp Leaf" pattern.

Evolved Hemp (変り麻の葉/Kawari Asa No Ha) 
An even complicated version of "Hemp Leaf" pattern. 

Flower Kumiko (花組子/Hana Kumiko) 
Designer's original pattern.
While preserving tradition, the designer wanted to make this design even more intricate and unique.