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Himalayan Black Crystal Salt - 450g

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Himalayan Black Crystal Salt is a type of rock salt found mostly in the Himalayas.  It is used extensively used in India, Pakistan and internationally, by those who know how to make proper use of its benefits. The unusual colour comes from the presence of tiny amounts of iron and other minerals.


  • Great condiment for vegan/vegetarian diet to create a "egg-taste"for dishes (omelettes, tofu scramble, etc.)
  • Used along with many other spices in popular Indian dishes
  • An amazing alternative to sea salt - contains lower levels of sodium
  • Can be added to bath water or cleansers 


    • Fights against a number of diseases like arthritis and high cholesterol levels
    • Cures constipation and bloating
    • Found to be super effective in aiding weight loss due to the dissolving and disintegrating effect it has on enzymes and lipids
    • Works magically for cracked feet, swollen feet, athlete’s foot, warts, sprains, and even body acne


    100% Grounded Black Crystal Salt